July 24, 2024

4 thoughts on ““Black Confederate” Anthony Hervey Funeral Procession Draws Hundreds in Oxford, Mississippi

  1. I was with the reenact or contingent there to honor Mr. Hervey. The family was most gracious and I felt deeply for their loss. It was truly an honor to be there to commemorate his life and work.

    I felt we were not treated well by the city of Oxford. We were forced to leave the Mid-Town Shopping Center and move across the street because of the battle flags being flown. The police even went so far as to make my friend move his truck because it has an SCV license plate. The procession was supposed to stop, hold a 10-20 minute memorial, fire a musket salute, then continue. Oxford police ordered us not to stop, but to just keep moving and get it over with.

    This funeral was time for us to come together and celebrate the life of a man who regardless of color, loved the South. The city of Oxford seemed to go out of their way to make that difficult.

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