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Oxford Food Favorites: 15 Under $15, pt. 1: Fergndan’s Wood Fired Pizza Café


After living in Oxford, Mississippi, for almost 14 years, it can sometimes feel like I’ve exhausted everything our town has to offer—especially on the culinary scene. I’ve worked in special events for over six years and in the food service industry directly and indirectly during that time, but food has remained a personal and professional passion. I have compiled for the new-to-Oxford and the settled some inside scoop of 15 food bites for under $15, making living deliciously more affordable than ever.

For the Celiac, Dairy-free, and Vegan Palate:

Fergndan’s Woodfired Pizza Café

Fergndan’s started as a family-run enterprise with two food trucks before opening their café in July 2018. You may have seen their bright orange tents outside of Chaney’s Pharmacy, Yalobusha Brewing Co., or, most recently, at Ole Miss’ Meet the Rebels.

Fergndan’s owner, John Ferguson, has lived with food intolerances, which inspired him to incorporate meticulously handled gluten/celiac/lactose/allergy-free options as well as healthy choices beyond their pizzas.

Their menu now boasts panuzzos and full-size salads, and in January, Bremma’s Sweet Treats added delicious bakery selections to the beloved pizza café.

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Editor’s Note: This article was originally printed in it’s entirety in The Local Voice #334. The web series focuses on each individual businesses.

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