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Miss-I-Sippin’ Beer Festival March 24–25


The Yoknapatawpha Art Council will host a smorgasbord of event for the upcoming Miss-I-Sippin’ Beer Festival on March 24 and 25, with a pairing dinner and blind beer tastings set for various locations in and around Oxford.

The ninth annual Miss-I-Sippin’ includes a number of new events for this years festival. Including more attention to events at local establishments. Miss-I-Sippin’ will again be a two day event since expanding last year.

Miss-I-Sippin’ features events hosted by Gus’s Fried Chicken, The Growler, High Point Coffee, Yalobusha Brewery, The Old Armory Pavilion, and Jackson Beer Company.

Friday night The Powerhouse will host Dwayne Ingraham, chef and owner of Sinfully Southern, for a multi-course meal paired with featured Mississippi beers.

“I wanted to reflect some of the things that we had growing up,” said Ingraham.

Ingraham grew up in Boothville, Louisiana, so he plans to bring the classic flavors of the region.

“I’m definitely thinking red beans and rice,” said Ingraham. “I want to do a seared pork chop or a fried pork chop and there will be a decadent dessert.”

The pairing features live music. Each local brewery will host a table and give guest the opportunity to talk with brewery owners and brew masters. This dinner is limited to one hundred people. After the dinner guests are encouraged to go to the Yalobusha Brewery for tasting and tours starting at 2 pm and live music from 7 till 10 pm.

Yaknapatawpha Arts Council Operations Coordinator Caitlin Hopper, said what she was most excited about. “You get a local chef doing this special dinner with all these different aspects to it and you get all these local and regional beers paired to it,” said Hopper. “It’s a really neat way to look in to the craft culture.”

Events kick off at noon on Saturday, featuring a community crawl with local establishments. Gus’s will host Miss-I-Sippin’ chicken and beer lunch special, and try your hand at the blind beer tasting contest at The Growler. A craft beer label contest at High Point Coffee and an indoor Cornhole contest at Jackson Beer Company.

This is the first year Miss-I-Sippin’ features the community crawl. Following the community crawl, a tasting and Mississippi music showcase to take place at the Old Armory Pavilion. The pavilion will host games and special events for the guest which include a chicken wing challenge hosted by Gus’s Fried Chicken.

Tickets are start at $30 for Saturday events only and $80 for Friday and Saturday combined and discounted tickets for Yoknapatawpha Art Council members.

For more info and to purchase tickets visit the Miss-I-Sippin page or call 662-236-6429. 

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