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Letter to the Editor (from William R. Latham, TLV #194)


Letter to The Local Voice Editor:

I often pick up your paper to see what is going on in and around Oxford. I have enjoyed the paper and found it very informative.

Recently however, I have been very offended by several of the political satire cartoons run in the paper. It is certainly within your rights to publish this offensive material as it is within mine to voice my displeasure and then find my information from other sources.

I find no humor in Mr. Ikeda-Chandlers commentaries. I would like to point out his proclivity to depict southern conservatives as illiterate and inbred is old and worn out.

It appears that Mr. Ikeda-Chandler has self-appointed himself as a minister for the progressive movement. His expertise on the new paradigm in social attitudes apparently gives him the authority to negatively pontificate someone’s character as long as the attack is toward a perceived non-PC group. This malicious behavior comes straight from the first page of the propaganda handbook (viscously attack, marginalize and demonize your opposition).

I equate that to an idiot cursing at a child for cursing.

While he is dredging around in the trash heap of the past he should feel free to juxtaposition other negative stereotypes forward to 2013. As he is digging up garbage, tell him it’s also acceptable to place all conservative southern women back on the front porch with a Marlboro cigarette, barefoot, pregnant, and wearing a tank top.

Be sure and put the Conservative African Americans back in a watermelon patch with exaggerated features speaking 1850 slave dialect. Don’t forget to do a series on conservative Native Americans complete with the full headdress, whiskey, and beads. This type of rhetoric in these depictions drawn by Mr. Ikeda-Chandler reveals the worst type of hypocrite and self righteous bigotry.

How can we ever move forward when we have those determined to pull us back in the pit? For those working to instill hatred in new generations please make sure and add Mr. Ikeda-Chandler to your distribution list!

“It is not the truth that matters, but victory.”  – Adolf Hitler

William R Latham

This letter was originally printed in TLV #194 (published December 19, 2013). To download a PDF of this issue, click HERE.

For another TLV reader’s response to Mr. Latham’s letter, please click HERE.

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