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Help Name This New Oxford Supergroup featuring George McConnell, Eric Deaton, Robert Chaffe, Slade Lewis, and Ted Gainey


There’s a local super group that has been working album out at Tweed Studio in College Hill. This Oxford band was mentioned in The Local Voice last year as “Fathers With Daughters” but they have since dropped that moniker.

The all-instrumental super group features guitarist George McConnell (Beanland, Widespread Panic, The Nonchalants), drummer Ted Gainey (Wobitty, Blue Mountain, Taylor Grocery Band), guitarist Eric Deaton (Eric Deaton Trio, Afrissippi), organist Robert Chaffe (Kudzu Kings, Rocket 88), and bassist Slade Lewis (The Yalobushwakers, Enigma Jazz Project).

Ted Gainey has been producing the record with Clay Jones recording and mixing the project. Hill Country Records hopes to be releasing the record later this year on vinyl, and to help facilitate the album, the label has started a Kickstarter project. Backers of the project can secure a copy and – get this – one lucky backer will also be able to name the band. If you’ve ever been a fan of any of these guys, and let’s face it, who hasn’t, now is the time to ante up for our local rocknroll heroes.

Kickstarter link:

Update: The new-and-yet-unnamed super group is hosting a “Listening Party” at Proud Larrys’ in Oxford on Thursday, March 17 during Happy Hour. Attendees will have a chance to listen to the new album in the works and throw some possible band names into the hat. This St. Patrick’s Day Listening Party starts at 5 pm with crawfish and beer specials. 

Left to Right: Ted Gainey, George McConnell, Slade Lewis, Eric Deaton, and Robert Chaffe recording at Tweed Studios in College Hill, Mississippi. Photograph by Clay Jones.

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