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City of Oxford, Mississippi Board of Aldermen Meeting Agenda – Tuesday, May 19, 2020


Meeting is at 5:00 pm in the City Hall Courtroom.

Notice that certain commission members will be included in the meeting via teleconference, subject to City of Oxford Code of Ordinances Section 2-82.

Agenda item attachments and meeting minutes are available for download here.

  1. Call to order.
  2. Adopt the agenda for the meeting.
  3. Mayor’s Report
  4. Authorize the approval of the minutes of the Regular Meeting on May 5, 2020, and the Special Meeting on May 9, 2020. (Ashley Atkinson)
  5. Authorize the approval of accounts for all city departments. (Ashley Atkinson)
  6. Consider the consent agenda:
    1. Request approval of water and/or sewer adjustments in accordance with the Oxford Utilities Leak Adjustment Policy. (Rob Neely)
    2. Request permission to accept the retirement of an employee in the Oxford Fire Department. (Braxton Tullos)
    3. Request permission to accept the retirement of an employee in the Oxford Police Department. (Braxton Tullos)
    4. Request permission to accept the retirement of an employee in the Oxford Police Department- Narcotics Division. (Braxton Tullos)
    5. Request approval for Bo Smith, Josh Matthews, Jeff McManus, Kurt Pollen, Hayden Alexander, and Matthew Harron to serve as volunteers to assist with grass cutting on City property. (Braxton Tullos)
  7. Request permission to approve and authorize the Mayor to sign the 5311 Covid-19 Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act Funds for the FY2020 Project Year. (Donna Zampella)
  8. Consider a revocable license for porch and ramp egress on Harrison Avenue for Proud Larry’s. (Chris Carter/Bart Robinson)
  9. Evaluate the Serving Oxford Safely-A Plan for Recovery-Phase 1.
  10. Discuss the FY 2020-2021 Oxford Utilities Budget. (Rob Neely)
  11. Discuss outdoor dining options in the Downtown District.
  12. Discuss a proposal from Recycling Mississippi.
  13. Request approval of a Preliminary and Final Plat for Case #2623, Andrew Callicutt, for Oxford Farms, Phase 7, being further described as PPINs 8844, 8903, and 18836. (Ben Requet)
  14. First reading of a proposed ordinance to amend Chapter 66, Article VI, Mobile Food Vending, of the Code of Ordinances of the City of Oxford, Mississippi. (Ben Requet)
  15. Request permission for Rod Waller to purchase his service weapon for $1.00, as per state statute. (Jeff McCutchen)
  16. Accept the bids and award the contract for the Elm Street Ditch Rehab Project. (Reanna Mayoral)
  17. Consider an executive session.
  18. Adjourn.

Questions regarding this agenda?  Call 662-236-1310, or contact Ashley Atkinson, City Clerk:

Auxiliary aids and services may be available to individuals with disabilities upon twenty-four (24) hours request by contacting Braxton Tullos, City of Oxford ADA Coordinator at 662-232-2453.

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