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Published on August 20th, 2012 | by TLV News


WTF News: “Candyland Too Coming To Holly Springs” (TLV SATIRE by Sherman Smithers, from issue #162)


Holly Springs, Miss. (WTF) – Residents of Holly Springs, Mississippi, will soon be greeted by another tourist trap: Candyland Too. The house cum museum will be filled with memorabilia celebrating the career of the late comic actor, John Candy. The north and south wings of the house will be painted red while the center will be painted white, mimicking the Canadian national flag. Owner, Pete McLeod, brother of Graceland Too owner Paul McLeod, says the similarities between his two-story shrine devoted to a dead celebrity and his brother’s are purely coincidental.

“For one thing, Candy was Canadian,” Pete McLeod said with a shrug.

Pete claims that he worked for Zamboni for 20 years while living in the great white north and met Candy during a charity hockey match. The pair became great friends, allowing McLeod to travel and work for the family while the actor was filming on location. Along the way, McLeod also obtained props from some of the movies Candy appeared in, including a bobsled from Cool Runnings and his costume from Spaceballs.

“True fans are gonna love The Great Outdoors-inspired attic, featuring the actual bear from the movie,” McLeod said.

Each room in the house will feature never-before-seen items from Candy’s past, including a mustache he once wore during an SCTV sketch and a napkin he once dropped on the pavement outside a deli in Toronto.

“This place will have everything, including pictures of my son, John Candy McLeod who looks eerily like the greatest comedic actor of our time.” McLeod boasted.

Despite the fanfare surrounding the opening of Candyland Too, Paul McLeod is suspicious of Pete.

 “It’s obvious that he is cashing in on my fame and hoping to build a cult following like myself. Besides, I never knew I had a brother named Pete,” Paul said.

Locals do question whether Paul McLeod, who is white, is related to Pete McLeod, who is Korean.


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