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What’s YOUR “Favorite Bygone Local Band”?


Oxford has a thriving music scene, so we see new bands start up every year. Unfortunately we see bands break up every year, too.

What’s your “Favorite Bygone Local Band”?

Here are some past winners in this category to get you started thinking.

The deadline to vote in TLV’s Local Favorites Awards is Thursday, November 13th!

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1. One Mile South

2. Blue Mountain

3. Robert Earl Reed 

2013 Results:

1. Kudzu Kings

2. Beanland

3. Fappy Tweed 

2012 Results:

1. The Neckbones

2. Balance

3. The Green Point Flash

2010/2011 Results:

1. The Neckbones

2. The Preacher’s Kids

3. Kudzu Kings

2009 Results:

1. The Neckbones

2. Beanland

3. The Withdrawls

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