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The Diamond Center with Naked Gods LIVE at Two Stick FRI 3/9


The Diamond Center are returning to SXSW after a busy year – since their 2011 appearance, the band has performed at Austin Psych Fest, Deep Heaven Now, MACRoCK Conference, RVA Music Festival, and Instant Pleasure RVA Psych Fest, before teaming up with Funny/Not Funny Records to release their new California/Bells 7″. The single is out on March 13th, and The Diamond Center are headed to SXSW with their new material – see them on tour in Oxford on Fri. Mar. 9th at Two Stick.

“It feels as if we could be dancing with some of the most romantic hellhounds out there, when Price is singing. She’s got them dogs up on their hind legs and they’ve got their front paws on her shoulders, going around the fires.” Daytrotter

“With its slow, rhythmic beat, eerie vocals, and minimalist instrumentation, ‘Wtt’…confidently and effectively builds tension and exhibits the strange, magnetic allure of The Diamond Center.” – NPR

“a pulsing, washed out, surf rock…that houses just the right amount of old record fuzz and eastern psychedelia” – I Guess I’m Floating

The Diamond Center are saucer-eyed oracles lighting a path through the barren wilderness with their lush shimmery neo-psychedelia. They’re dueling shamans healing and crushing with woozy, pulsing, charged, crackling creations pairing sanguine rustic vocals with a hint of spectral country noir and minimalist reverb-soaked guitars with bass, keyboards, and multi-manned percussion, all through warm hazy washed-out production. These are Native spirits traversing a moon-lit Texas desert. They’ve traded their horses for camels, interwoven their beads with bells, and laced their feathers with charms.

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“Caraway” Video on YouTube:

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