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Published on January 11th, 2018 | by Brittain Thompson


The 2018 Townie Results: People



  1. Jordan Ta’amu
  2. AJ Brown
  3. DK Metcalf



  1. Kevin W. Frye
  2. Mona Pittman
  3. Dee Hobbs

HM: Daniel Sparks, Jay Carmean, James Justice, Grey Edmonson, Josh Turner, Ray Garrett, Rhea Tannehill, Swayze Alford, Taylor Webb, Bill Wheeler, Walt Davis


Computer Nerd

  1. Kyle McGrevey

       (Express Computers)

  1. Cambino
  2. Kimberly Reeves


Celebrity Sighting

  1. Morgan Freeman
  2. Danny Glover
  3. Eli Manning



  1. Ace Atkins
  2. Beth Ann Fennelly
  3. Chris Offutt

HM: Jack Pendarvis, John Grisham, Randy Weeks


Healthcare Provider

  1. Urgent Care
  2. Andrew Ross
  3. Dr. Dabbs

HM: Dr. Kecia Kirk, Mona Castle



  1. Mark Cleary
  2. Shea Turner
  3. Brooke Worthy

HM: Blake Cannon, Tracy Pickett


Taxi Driver

  1. Vernon Alger

          (Angel Taxi)

  1. Phillip Howard (Austin Taxi)
  2. Austin Blake (Austin Taxi)



  1. Ron Shapiro

        bka “Ronzo”

  1. Freddie Foster
  2. Chico Harris

HM: Randy Yates, Wayne Andrews

Other Favorites


Local Event

  1. Double Decker
  2. Oxford Film Festival
  3. Art-er Limits Fringe Festival

HM: One Night Stand Motel Art Show


New Addition to Town

  1. Billups
  2. Saint Leo
  3. Chicory Market

HM: Marshall’s


Tailgate Host/ess

  1. Drew Martin
  2. Kimberly Reeves
  3. Molly Beth Shaffer

HM: Zebra Tent


Mississippi Brewery

  1. Yalobusha
  2. Southern Prohibition
  3. Lazy Magnolia 

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