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Published on January 11th, 2018 | by Brittain Thompson


The 2018 Townie Results: Restaurants

Less than a handful of days into 2018 and there’s already been some wild headlines. A YouTube star made a vlog about a dead person in a forest, Steve Bannon accused the president of treason, and everyone is making memes about detergent pods. Fortunately, The Local Voice is here to be your rock in the hysteria that is our modern world and present to you the winners of the 9th Annual The Local Voice Favorite Awards aka TheTownies. As always, Oxford made their voices heard with piles of ballots flooding our boxes.

Some institutions stood strong, adding another notch to their winning streaks, while others fell to Oxford newcomers. If you were the latter rather than former, worry not as there is always next year and you’ve got plenty of time to campaign. If you were voted a favorite in Oxford then brag about it on every social media and scream it in the streets till your voice gives out. After your deserved celebration shoot us an email at thelocalvoice@thelocalvoice.net so we can get your Townie certificate to you!


Asian Food

  1. Toyo
  2. Noodle Bowl
  3. Jinsei

HM: Rice & Spice, Pick Thai



  1. Bottletree Bakery
  2. Lusa Bakery
  3. Kelli’s Cakery



  1. Moe’s
  2. B’s BBQ
  3. Handy Andy



  1. Big Bad Breakfast
  2. The Beacon
  3. Billups

HM: Canteen, Bottletree, McDonald’s, IHOP



  1. Handy Andy
  2. Ajax Diner
  3. Proud Larry’s

HM: The Wine Bar, Neon Pig, Oxford Burger Company, Phillips Grocery, Mugshots, Five Guys, Boure


Chicken or Wings

  1. Gus’s
  2. Buffalo Wild Wings
  3. Wing Stop

HM: Abner’s, Jinsei, Cash Saver



  1. Uptown (High Point)
  2. Cup’s
  3. Starbucks

HM: Heartbreak Coffee, Bottletree



  1. Snackbar
  2. Saint Leo
  3. The Wine Bar

HM: YaYa’s, Ajax Diner, Holli’s



  1. Proud Larry’s
  2. Snackbar
  3. The Wine Bar

HM: Volta, McDonald’s, Mugshots


Late Night Food

  1. Chicken on a Stick (Four Corner’s Chevron)
  2. Taco Bell
  3. Cookout

HM: Square Pizza, Billups, Secret Grilled Cheese, Yoknapataco



  1. Saint Leo
  2. Proud Larry’s
  3. Old Venice Pizza Company

HM: Tarasque, The Wine Bar


Mexican Food

  1. El Agave
  2. Taco Shop
  3. Casa Mexicana

HM: La Perla, Papitos, El Milagro, South Depot


  1. Saint Leo
  2. Fergndan’s
  3. Soulshine

HM: Dodo Pizza, Proud Larry’s, Funkys, Lost, Square, OVPC



  1. Newk’s
  2. Saint Leo
  3. Volta

HM: Greenline, Proud Larry’s



  1. Blind Pig
  2. Newk’s
  3. Ajax Diner

HM: Canteen, Saint Leo, Proud Larry’s, Oby’s, Jimmy John’s



  1. Taylor Grocery
  2. Ajax Diner
  3. Oby’s

HM: Cash Saver, Gus’s, Lindsey’s, Proud Larry’s


Soul Food

  1. Ajax Diner
  2. Mama Jo’s
  3. Cash Saver



  1. Oxford Grillehouse
  2. The Wine Bar
  3. King’s

HM: Mesquite Chop House, Saint Leo, Boure, McEwen’s, Ravine



  1. Jinsei
  2. Toyo
  3. Kabuki

HM: Kroger, Noodle Bowl



  1. Volta Taverna
  2. Ajax Diner
  3. Rice & Spice

HM: Maharaja, The Wine Bar


Favorite Restaurant

  1. Ajax Diner
  2. Saint Leo
  3. Ravine

HM: The Wine Bar, City Grocery


Favorite Catering

  1. My Michelle’s
  2. Queenissippi
  3. Taylor Grocery

HM: Saint Leo, A&N/GRIT


Favorite Fine Dining

  1. Snackbar
  2. Saint Leo
  3. Ravine

HM: The Wine Bar, City Grocery



  1. Morgan Pennington (Uptown)
  2. Vera Pa (Uptown)
  3. Macon Humphries


HM: Bake Summers (Uptown), Gretchen Williams (Heartbreak)


  1. Lexi Yarbrough

              (The Wine Bar)

  1. Gabrielle Lott

         (The Wine Bar)

  1. Taylor Jones

HM: Seth Kellum, Dane Noonan


Door Man

  1. “Project” Pat

   (Proud Larry’s)

  1. Gobert (The Library)
  2. Andre (Rooster’s)

HM: Kendrik (Funkys)



  1. Erika Lipe

         (The Wine Bar)

  1. Vishwesh Bhatt


  1. Thomas Freeland

               (Saint Leo)

HM: John Stokes (Tarasque), John Currence (City Grocery Group)


Favorite Local Bar

  1. Blind Pig
  2. Proud Larry’s
  3. City Grocery

HM: The Library



  1. Allyson Cartwright

              (The Wine Bar)

  1. Joe Stinchcomb

                  (Saint Leo)

  1. Will Griffith

       (Proud Larry’s)

HM: Phil Landers, Paul Radigan



  1. Volta Taverna
  2. El Agave
  3. South Depot

HM: Proud Larry’s, La Perla


Patio or Deck

  1. Volta Taverna
  2. Proud Larry’s
  3. The Coop (Graduate Oxford)

HM: Bouré, City Grocery


Happy Hour

  1. Blind Pig
  2. Volta Taverna
  3. Proud Larry’s

HM: Rooster’s, Funkys, The Coop


Place to Shoot Pool

  1. Blind Pig
  2. The Library Sports Bar
  3. Locals Restaurant

HM: Rooster’s


Beer Selection

  1. The Growler
  2. Blind Pig
  3. Cash Saver

HM: Proud Larry’s, The Library


Specialty Cocktails

  1. Saint Leo
  2. Snackbar
  3. The Wine Bar

HM: Jinsei, The Coop, City Grocery, Green Roof Lounge

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