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Runoffs! Help Decide Ties and “Too Close To Call” Categories in the Local Favorites Awards


Several of the categories in this year’s “Local Favorites Awards” are tied or just too darn close to call. In some instances, it’s the first place winner, but in others its second or third place.

The runoffs for The Townies are here and we need your help to decide the final winners of these categories:

  1. Artist (Visual)
  2. Bass Player
  3. Bluesman
  4. Country Singer
  5. Dancer
  6. “Keeping Punk Alive”
  7. Live Show of the Past Year
  8. Other Stringed / Acoustic Musician
  9. Producer
  10. Rapper
  11. Songwriter
  12. Soundman
  13. Vocalist
  14. Song of the Year
  15. Record of the Year
  16. Book of the Year
  17. Film of the Year
  18. Play of the Year
  19. Food Truck / Pop-Up
  20. Mexican Restaurant
  21. Pizza
  22. Favorite Local Restaurant
  23. Salon
  24. Smoke Shop
  25. Favorite Bartender
  26. Author
  27. Newspaper Columnist
  28. Taxi Driver

All voting will be done by multiple choice with only the top voter recipients listed. Vote will be open until 5 pm on Sunday, December 13, 2015. Vote now or forever hold your peace!

Please vote here in the Runoffs for The Townies! 

Local Bars Winners: The Local Voice's Townies Awards, 2016
Local Favorites Awards Ballot 2015-2016
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