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Oxford Pop Band Saturn Velvet Club Declares a Tel-A-Thon May 8


By Abraxxios

Saturn Velvet Club is Oxford’s premiere pop duo. I recently sat down with SVC’s Tree and Toxic Sweat to discuss their upcoming Tel-A-Thon on May 8 at 12:15 pm.

You two make very enthusiastic music. What inspired you to host the Tel-A-Thon on May 8 and bring such new energy into an old concept?

TOXIC SWEAT: We found that Earth’s resources are calculated by the abundance within the individual.

TREE: And to benefit from that abundance—it takes money. We must gather money to pursue our art, as mumpsimus as that may sound.

So how does the telethon work? Will your phones be ringing off the hook? Will it be streamed on InterNet?

TREE: Our phones won’t be ringing. They’ll be calling—y’all!—the fans. And yes—it will be on YOUTUBE and ALL PLATFORMS.

TOXIC SWEAT: We urgently need all fans to email us their favorite wealthy friends’ phone numbers. We won’t besmirch them.

What would the callers expect from their pledge?

TREE: For the $25 donation, they’ll receive a hyper-ribbon with an album download. For $50 you receive the Hyper-Ribbon, physical CD, and a Challenge Coin commemorating your support. Woo-Haah.

TOXIC SWEAT: Don’t mistake us for a pair of paltering fudgels. We mean business.

I love packages in the mail! What are you raising money for?


TREE: A feature-length film as well.

TOXIC SWEAT: And maybe even an Arcade Game if they donate enough. We are like the snare drum of life.

Well, I think that sums it up! You heard that fans, send them your numbers to be featured in the Tel-A-Thon, Sunday May 8 at 12:15 pm.



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