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Published on February 11th, 2016 | by Brittain Thompson


Oxford Film Festival: Featured Animation Shorts

Oxford Film Fest: Animation Block Spotlight
Screening on:
Friday, 1:00 pm, Shelter on Van Buren; Sunday, 12:45 pm, Malco


Featured below are six of the 12 animation block shorts. These struck an especially strong chord with us, but the entire block is filled with projects from talented artists.



Borrowed Time (6 min.)

Directed by: Lou Hamou-Lhadj, Andrew Coats
A dark tale of acceptance set in the old west. A sheriff returns to the scene of an accident that has shaped as much as haunted his life. Walking along, he relives that moment in his mind. While contemplating his own fate, he notices a familiar watch still lying in the dirt. Borrowed Time grabs you from the start and steadily pulls you to the edge of your, worrying for the fate of the weathered sheriff.



Golden Shot (8:40 min.)
Directed by: Gokalp Gonen
In a small civilization of machines that believe a large sun will one day rise and call them into the sky, one machine devises a plan to bring about the ascension. The machine achieves his goal and bares witness to the affect it has on the entire race. With strong allusions to many religious themes and a healthy nod to the tale of Icarus, Golden Shot is equal parts a dreamer’s call to action and cautionary tale.



Olilo (5:40 min.)
Directed by: Ao Li
A young introverted girl struggles through day to day life living inside a transparent cube. After seeing a man drop his keys on the subway. She keeps them on her nightstand until the girl pushes through the weight of her cube to return them and possibly find love. Olilo depicts in painfully accurate fashion how it is to be restrained by introverted tendencies.




The Present (4:20 min.)
Directed by: Jacob Frey
Jake, a young boy, spends his days inside in front of a TV rather than playing outside until his mother brings home a surprise gift that may change his mind. Though initially disgusted by his present, Jake soon finds a new best friend.



Needle Town (2:03 min.)
Directed by: Kaspar Synnevag, Henrik Hylland Uhiving
Needle Town is narrated by protagonist and heroin addict Cato. He recalls when he fell in love with Goth Girl, who worked at a local bookstore. He would steal books to fund his habit while avoiding his nemesis, Crab Claw the mall cop. Based on a true story.




Bottomless (2:03 min.)
Directed by: Veronique Vanblaere
A Belgian women immigrates to Alabama and is surprised to find everything in the United Sates to be so large, from people to the large vases they drink from. Despite the difficulties of learning a new language, she grows to love the culture. One of her favorite things is how cheap so many things are, such as bottomless drinks. She soon begins her process to become a citizen of the United States.

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