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Oxford Comma’s COVID-19 Writing Challenge Week 1: Submission by Timber Heard


Week 1: Write about the feeling of being alone or lonely.

The Only of the Lonelies

I am, or must be, 
the only of the lonelies
to be here tonight.
All of the other lonelies
must be at home
or elsewhere
So it's just me, tonight.
But I am sure
I am not
the only
to ever be lonely.
I am positive
that there are generations 
of people
that will never see church steeples,
a white wedding dress,
or a tuxedo, clean pressed.
Surely, I am not
the only of the lonelies.
There must be other lonelies too.
I am just not sure where, 
or who,
they may be.
But as for now
and as for here,
and as for me,
I am the only of the lonelies,
And oh,
I must be the loneliest
to ever be.

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About The COVID-19 Writing Challenge
During the COVID-19 crisis, The Oxford Comma has partnered with Yoknapatawpha Arts Council to offer a four-week writing contest with changing weekly prompts. “Favorite selections” will be featured in The Local Voice and possible future anthology of COVID-19 era writings.

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