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Published on March 22nd, 2012 | by TLV News


“Missing The Squeeze” by JoLynn Wells

A few weeks ago my father asked me if Oxford had changed in the seven months I was gone. No, not much. There’s an IHOP now, and a Checkers. They’ve broken ground for a CVS on West Jackson. But the biggest change, the thing I really miss, is no more Main Squeeze.  I miss the bagels. I miss the smoothies. I miss the sandwiches. I miss the atmosphere. Main Squeeze had its own vibe, a groove I like to jive in a place where I wanted to unwind. Main Squeeze was a local business with local flavor, like Local Color and The Local Voice.

The local aspect is one I haven’t found in any corporate establishment anywhere across this nation.  An IHOP in Iowa is the same as an IHOP in Idaho, is the same as IHOP in Ohio. While I do love my plate of pancakes at 2 am after a long night of heavy drinking on The Square, so too do I enjoy an outdoor vegetarian lunch with the splash of hope of convo with Ronzo. I like to contribute to the character of the place which comes from the character of the people who live there. I don’t care to contribute to the corporate cookie cut-outs and fill the coffers of the faceless CEO’s and stockholders. I’d rather give my money directly to Ron Shapiro, with a smile, to keep those Velvet Elvises rocking and rolling than to the invisible execs with their mansions in distant vistas who never return my smile. I don’t mind the corporate clime, so long as we leave the local line. No Dad, Oxford hasn’t changed much since I’ve been gone, but I do miss that Main Squeeze.

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