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Published on September 11th, 2019 | by Tobe Burgos-Passiglia


Local Musicians Spotlight: Eleven Point, Aaron Reese & Courtney Dare

Interview by Tobe Burgos-Passiglia

“Eleven Point was started by Aaron Reese and Courtney Dare in September of 2018 (though they wouldn’t pick up the name until many months later). After playing a few shows together, they realized their sounds and musical interests meshed well and figured they should make a habit of it. Sets often consist of an even mix of covers and originals, with genres ranging from Piedmont blues to Doo-wop to Alternative rock, hitting plenty of other notes in between.”

Catch their next show Thursday, September 12, from 6–9 pm at Lost Pizza Co.

What was your first experience with playing music?
Aaron Reese: My first musical experience was singing in my church’s children’s choir. I would’ve started piano lessons around that same time. Guitar didn’t come along till I was 11 or so.
Courtney Dare: School orchestra when I was a kid.

Do you have a favorite instrument?
AR: My favorite instrument is probably my acoustic guitar, a Law Suit Takamine. But I’m currently, and madly, in love with my new Gretsch electric. She’s a beaut!
CD: Tie for violin and cello.

How did you meet, and how long did it take before you knew you wanted to form a band?
AR: The Great Dying was playing a show at The Coop, featuring Courtney on violin. I knew just listening that she’d fit well with some of my songs and my style. When we finally got to sit down and play together it was obvious we had a sound worth exploring.
CD: Will and Kell introduced us the night I played with them at The Coop. And we played live the first night we got together. It was so much fucking fun and we clicked so well that I hoped we’d start playing regularly…but that didn’t happen until later.

Which venues have you played in Oxford, and do you have a favorite
AR: As a group we’ve played Penny Bar, Soulshine, and Larry’s. Each place has its own upside, but Penny Bar holds a special place in my heart. Things just get looser down there. We have fun (borderline too much, on occasion). A place where the Jameson flows like wine.
CD: Proud Larry’s, Penny Bar, Soulshine. Penny Bar was where it all started, so I have a soft spot for that place.

You’ve played some shows, open mic nights, and a festival in Batesville. Do you plan to play more festivals in the fall?
AR: We’d love to get involved with more festivals and community events, but as of now don’t have anything of the sort booked. If you’re planning some shit, holler!

Any venues, in or outside of Oxford, that are on your wish list?
AR: We’d like to get in at The Coop sometime soon, and definitely want to get to the point where we can headline a weekend night at Larry’s. But mostly I think we just want to get out of town a bit. DKDC in Memphis. Blue Canoe in Tupelo. Hey Joe’s in Cleveland. Jackson? The Coast? Preferably somewhere I can get some damn oysters.
CD: Thacker Mtn Radio Show, End of All Music, Rooster’s, The Coop, DKDC in Memphis.

Do you have plans to publish music, like an EP or a full album?
AR: Hell yeah. Sooner rather than later, hopefully. We’ve got a lot of ideas for building our sound we’re ready to start toying with. Maybe a more traditional Americana side and a psych-garage rock side. Something like Crazy Horse meets Bill Monroe meets John Hartford, and they’re all on really clean acid. What could go wrong?

If you share a bill with anyone who would it be?
AR: It’s always a lot of fun sharing a bill with friends and their various projects. Wherever we were in the lineup, it’d be a blast to play with The Great Dying, Anne Freeman & The Garbage Sons, Southern Groove Redemption, Busty Petites, etc.

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