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Local Musician Spotlight: Curtis Lehr


Current Project(s): Argiflex

Where are you from? Cleveland, Mississippi

Your music Style/Genre: Live experimental neo-rave. Acid/techno/trance/breakz/IDM/noize

What is your preferred approach to making sounds?

Using only vintage electronic music hardware, I sequence up to 16 MIDI parts in each pattern with my sequencer to trigger all my MIDI gear with self-made presets designed to be as expressive and diverse sounding as possible. The patterns and their combinations form songs that I string together for live shows. I basically bring a vintage techno studio with me and perform with that!

Early music experience: Piano and Classical guitar lessons when I was young. I found techno internet radio when I was 6. Ishkur’s Guide was extremely formative in my music taste.

Why did you start playing? Why let people with guitars have all the glory?

What are some of your favorite bands? Aphex Twin, GFOTY, Meat Beat Manifesto, DJ Hixxy, Lily, & Vektroid.

Most memorable person you’ve jammed with: I once performed in an experimental improvisational jam concert with 14 musicians that was put together by Daniel Guaqueta

Do you have a “day job”? If so, where? I volunteer at a local thrift store. I also freelance wherever I can in fields such as audio engineering, graphic design, and web design. I also record people at my home studio W210 LABS!

Aspirations: Provide myself a comfortable living through music: help me reach my aspiration! <3

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