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Published on March 17th, 2016 | by Brittain Thompson


Local Musician Launching “Ditch Tapes” Label

Oxford tape label Ditch Tapes is starting up this spring by Oxford musician Sean O’Hara who plays in local bands such as Nadir Bliss and Primative.

“Ditch Tapes is an outlet for music made by people who prefer a more dedicated way of creating and listening,” said O’Hara.

The inspiration to create the label came from his love of the medium.

“Cassette tapes are more than just a cheap, throwback medium for music,” said O’hara. “Tapes force a certain relationship between the music and listener.”

Like most who have adopted the cassette tape as their preferred method of consumption, it comes somewhat as a response to modern consumer culture.

“It’s a start to finish thing,” said O’hara. “You listen all the way through, maybe in one long car ride or spread throughout the week. Nowadays, people listen to streaming services most of the time and youth culture has moved with a generalized shove towards short attention spans and even stronger impulsive nature with disposable music.”

“I hope to have it started by this May, at latest.”  O’Hara said. The first release will be former Oxford resident Taylor MitchellThe Local Voice Ligature

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