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Local Artist Lowdown: Andrew McIntyre

Name: Andrew McIntyre

Artistic Style: I make pottery that is functional. My work consists of a hand full of styles. I make work that is fired in 3 types of kilns, Wood Kilns, Soda Kilns, and Reduction Gas Kilns. All 3 of these firings yield different results, which is why I choose different clay bodies and glazes specifically for each firing. I make pots that explore beauty of form and line while using glazes that pool in those groves and lines to reveal subtle color change and pattern throughout the entire piece. I enjoy exposing the raw beauty of the material and letting the kiln/flame make its mark literally to reveal how I balance the unpredictability of nature and then control I have with my hands as a potter. 

Hometown: Jackson, Mississippi

How long have you lived in Oxford? I have lived in Oxford for over 6 years total.

Early art experience: I began pottery in fifth grade at Power APAC in Jackson, MS.  I fell in love with the material. I soon found out that I had enough talent to keep pushing myself enough to receive scholarships and awards, which led me to taking pottery at Ole Miss under Matt Long. My four years at Ole Miss is where I truly understood what pottery could be. Working toward receiving my BFA in ceramics helped solidify that I wanted to pursue Pottery as a professional as a well as become an educator in Ceramics.

Favorite visual artists: Currently the Ceramic Technicians/Instructor at Ole Miss

Art school? Received my BFA from Ole Miss in 2012. Received my MFA from Syracuse University in 2015

Favorite book or author: Art & Fear

Favorite quotation: “Do what you love and what makes you happy”

Do you work out of a studio? My studio is located in Meek Hall at Ole Miss

How many hours to you spend in your studio each day? when I am making work I always try to work at least a solid 6–8 hours straight. I learned in graduate school that I worked harder and had my best ideas after the first three hours of being in my studio.

Most productive hours? My most productive hours are in the morning between 7–10 am. Favorite project you’ve completed: My favorite project completed has been my thesis show

Three ideas you want to explore in art: The three ideas I want to explore in art revolve around making pottery that resembles my interpretation of beauty, lives and functions within someone’s home and changes the users experience/interpretation of hand made potter.

Where can we see some of your art on display? My work can be seen on my website andrewmcintyreceramics.com

Do you have a “day job”? If so, where? Currently the ceramic Technician/Instructor at Ole Miss

Favorite music/bands: I am usually listening to a mixed playlist in my studio. I’ve been known to listen to country, hip hop, blues, and lately electronic/edm.

What are some of your other hobbies: Most recently I have been focusing on three things: My job, getting married in January, and making pottery.

Where do you hang out in Oxford?

Aspirations: I hope to find a community where I can teach and make pottery as well as start a life with my soon to be wife. The Local Voice Ligature

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