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Know Your Bartender: Ryan Glover at Julep & Oxford Grillehouse


Name and Hometown: Glover, Clarksdale, Miss.

Bars where you have worked: Delta Steak Co., Soulshine, Rib Cage, The Summit, The Grillehouse, Julep

In your experience, what is the most common reason to have a drink? Relationship problems

What’s your favorite ingredient or flavor combination? Blackberry + ginger

What is your most essential bar tool? Muddler

Where’s your favorite spot to sip? The Library

What are your personal specialties? Being a ray of sunshine

Craziest request by a customer? To answer his phone and tell his wife I found his phone while he snuck out

What drink do you recommend to someone who doesn’t know what to order? Hot gin

Most famous customer you’ve ever served: Chad Michael Murray

If you could have a drink with anyone, living or dead, who would it be and what would you drink? Dan Bilzerian and we’d drink Karuizawa “Aqua of Life” whiskey.

If you’re in charge of the tunes in your bar, what music do you play? Stevie Nicks

What’s the best live band you’ve seen in Mississippi?Moon Taxi

Favorite movie of all time: Bad Boys 2

Read any good books lately? Dispatches from Pluto

Best joke to tell to a grumpy customer: There was a zoo. It only had one animal, a dog. It was a shitzu.

What’s the funniest thing you’ve seen in your bar lately? Guy on first date dropping Viagra.

Favorite after-shift drink? Coors Light and a Jager Bomb.

Where would you be if you weren’t behind a bar? Living on a boat in the Keys.

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