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How to Market Your Restaurant to College Students

The food industry is booming, especially among the students. They tend to indulge in their cravings when the delivery options have been made this convenient and fast. In this article, we will focus on restaurants on college and the ways you can market your offerings to the students creatively.

Be transparent

Millennials are a driving force behind today’s food-conscious movement and the development of college town restaurants. Unlike people of other age groups, this segment of people leans towards making informed decisions. Their dining choices are based on the source and methods of your procurement of the ingredients. They are interested to know if your restaurant is self-sufficient in producing its meat from the local farms or if your restaurant is outsourcing it. Also, the fact that your restaurant uses organic and sustainable ingredients plays a huge role in determining the dining choice of the customer. A practical and transparent method of doing this is including all of it on your printed menu. It will also allow you to align their values to your business ethics.

Get Creative on Social Media

When it comes to social media engagement, the youth has been becoming more involved than ever. Go the extra mile if you need to in order to make your social presence known. Try making it more fun, interactive and aesthetically pleasing. Keep posting college promo items and attractive deals to maintain customer retention and attract new ones. Posting online about your restaurant’s details will not suffice. 90% of the millennials connect with companies through social media platforms. They are more interested in interacting and getting acknowledgements from brands. The key to satisfied customers is quick responsiveness. Hire and train a team that can manage social media handles timely and effectively. Stay on top of your game by introducing and launching different marketing promotional tools. You can learn more about these tools through availing essay services from  Essay Basics.

Interact with Students

Let us take this social media engagement up a notch.  You have to consider the customer’s widely used options and the platform best to interact with them. Learn to segment, target and position your brand in such a way that everybody feels catered. For example, if we consider Instagram, it recently released various fun and quick engagement tools for the users such as stickers for stories, polls, answering questions, mentioning and tagging other account users and many more. As a restaurant owner, you can engage the customers, increase your hype and learn about their feedback all at once. Post a poll between a BBQ beef panini and a chicken cheese wrap. Take a decision based on the results and let the users know their contribution is essential to you and your business-related decisions. It will build your brand image and foster customer loyalty. Also, make this process fun. You can create a Snapchat geofilter that can be used by the customers when they dine out at your restaurant. It will provide you with brand exposure and free marketing. The cherry on top is that it allows you to reach far more people in a significantly reduced period at a minimal incurred cost. Feedback is immediate, and word-of-mouth spreads like wildfire. Make the best out of the new technology and trends for college marketing ideas.

Enable online and mobile ordering

Do you know, unavailability of your restaurant’s app or online ordering facility can reduce your sales significantly? Technology now plays a critical part in helping customers make purchasing decisions. You need to understand, today’s student has become busier than before. Food on the go will bring them one step closer to a more manageable schedule. If you start restaurants in college town and develop an app for your restaurants, students will be able to place orders using only a few taps. You can either start your delivery service or collaborate with third distribution parties to deliver your food to the customers.

Do not forget about Facebook

Other social media platforms might be trending temporarily and get forgotten soon; Facebook is one social networking website that is here to stay. It is helpful to learn that millennials find searches through Facebook more reliable than search via Google, word of mouth and other digital networks. It is one of the most significant and result yielding promotional for college students tool. Other than creating and maintaining a business profile on Facebook, you can invest in Facebook display ads. You can use write my essay services to get a firm grip on how to write social media posts effectively.

Host Your Own Events

After going out on the campus, participating in events for the social cause along the way and promoting your brand to the customers directly, it is high time that you bring the party to your place. If you have an ample enough space to host a get-together, nothing can stop college nights from becoming a big hit among the youngsters. For this college-geared event, designate a day of the week. Depending on what cuisine do you offer in your restaurant, plan out compelling and most creative restaurants promotions. For instance, if you are a Mexican restaurant, offering Taco Thursdays with discounts on drinks can be an excellent way to entice customers. Most students like to spend their budget wisely. Promotional offers like these are a sure way to capture their attention. You can also hire a DJ or a live band to set the mood and ambience of your place. Become the next hot spot where everybody wants to go to blow off their steam and to have a chilled time with friends.

Put their content on display

Researches prove that millennials trust user-generated content more than any other form of marketing and advertising. Your target market comprises of young adults. You have the edge when it comes to social media marketing. Majority of the customers either own or know how to use media platforms. Please encourage them to engage in the form of Instagram posts, reviews, check-ins, tags and recommendations. You can also provide them with incentives like a certain percentage of the next meal ordered. It would help if you used essay samples to see how a positive social media post can affect the positioning of your brand in the eyes of the customers.

With the recent developments in the technological field and social media promotional tools, the sky is the limit for the marketers. You need to make sure you are not targeting your potential customers via a single medium. Utilize as many social networking sites as possible to maximize your reach and create a vast customer base.

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