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Happy Birthday, Tyler Keith!



Happy birthday to one of the most awesome guitarists we know…
and a hell of a nice guy – Tyler Keith!


Here are just a few of the articles we’ve run on him over the years – check ’em out and remind yourself just how awesome TK really is!

Video of Tyler Keith & The Apostles playing “Kid Twist” at The Blind Pig (filmed Thursday, August 20, 2015)

Tyler Keith’s “Tiny Abandoned Desk Concert” (posted February 17, 2015)

James Tighe’s Review of Tyler’s solo album Alias Kid Twist (posted January 14, 2015)

Photos from Tyler on Thacker Mountain Radio with Paul Williams (posted October 2, 2014)

Interview with Tyler Keith on his legendary Garage Rock band, The Neckbones (post updated May 29, 2014 – article originally published June 28, 2007)

“On the Porch with T-Model Ford” – by Tyler Keith & Thad Lee (posted July 16, 2013)

…and finally…

The Outlaw Biker on Vimeo (recording of Halloween 2012 performance)

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