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City of Oxford, Mississippi Board of Alderman Agenda – Tuesday, March 15, 2016 – 5 pm

Notice that certain aldermen will be included in the meeting via teleconference, subject to City of Oxford Code of Ordinances Section 2-82.

  1. Call to order.
  2. Adopt the agenda for the meeting.
  3. Mayor’s Report.
  4. Authorize approval of minutes of the regular meeting on March 1, 2016.
  5. Authorize approval of accounts for all city departments.
  6. Consider consent agenda:
    1. Accept the retirement of one employee in the Oxford Electric Department. (Braxton Tullos)
    2. Request permission to advertise to hire an apprentice lineman. (Braxton Tullos)
    3. Authorize the Floodplain Manager to attend the AFMM Spring Training Conference on Floodplain Management in Natchez, MS on May 9th-11thwith an estimated cost of $595.00. (Randy Barber)
    4. Authorize two employees with the Oxford Fire Department to attend the Fire Investigator’s Conference on March 22nd-25th in Tunica, MS at an estimated cost of $431.00 (Cary Sallis/Joey Gardner)
    5. Authorize two department heads to attend the Waste Expo in Las Vegas, NV on June 5th-9th. (Amberlyn Liles)
    6. Accept the resignation of an employee in the Environmental Services Department. (Braxton Tullos)
    7. Request permission to advertise for one full-time laborer in the Environmental Services Department. (Braxton Tullos)
    8. Request approval of promotion in the Environmental Services Department. (Braxton Tullos)
    9. Accept the resignation of one employee in the Oxford Fire Department. (Braxton Tullos)
    10. Request approval to hire an employee for the seasonal grounds crew at FNC Park. (Braxton Tullos)
    11. Request approval of promotions for part-time workers at FNC Park. (Braxton Tullos)
    12. Accept the resignation of one employee in the Oxford Police Department. (Braxton Tullos)
    13. Request approval to advertise for the employee pool for the Oxford Police Department. (Braxton Tullos)
    14. Request approval to advertise for part-time double decker bus drivers. (Braxton Tullos)
    15. Request approval to advertise for 2 part-time seasonal maintenance positions for the Wastewater Treatment Plant. (Braxton Tullos)
  7. Adopt a retirement resolution for V. Glenn Alderson, Jr. (Rob Neely)
  8. Consider a petition for relief from Ben and Virginia Smith regarding Curbside Bins. (Amberlyn Liles)
  9. Update on SAMHSA grant. (Lynn Wilkins)
  10. Approve the renewal of the contract with McDonald Transit Associates, Inc. for Transit Management Services. (Tim Akers)
  11. Request permission to submit the FY 2016-2017 Multi-Modal Grant Application to MDOT. (Tim Akers)
  12. Request approval to declare 3 OUT buses surplus and offer them for sale on as approved by MDOT. (Tim Akers)
  13. First reading of proposed sign ordinance. (Randy Barber)
  14. Consider a request for a temporary construction easement by 800 Park, LLC to build a foundation for a pedestrian bridge. (Judy Daniel)
  15. Adopt a resolution to renew the Local & Private Legislation to allow the City to contribute to the Oxford-Lafayette Economic Development Foundation. (Ashley Atkinson)
  16. Declare certain equipment and vehicles surplus and authorize their sale on (Bo Ragon)
  17. Request permission for the Oxford Police Department to apply for the Wal-Mart Community Grant in the amount of $2,500 with no required match. (Joey East)
  18. Request permission to advertise for bids for the installation of a new chiller for City Hall. (Bart Robinson)
  19. Consider executive session.
  20. Adjourn


Questions regarding this agenda?  Call 662-236-1310, or contact Ashley Atkinson, City

Auxiliary aids and services may be available to individuals with disabilities upon twenty-four (24) hours request by contacting Braxton Tullos, City of Oxford ADA Coordinator at 662-232-2453.

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