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Published on April 27th, 2020 | by Newt Rayburn


CHECK IT OUT #10: Oxford, Mississippi Expatriate Musicians are sharing really cool Live Music Videos during the CoronaVirus Shutdown

This article is the tenth in a series of posts about musicians from Oxford, Mississippi who are continuing to play live and during the 2020 CoronaVirus Shutdown. The artists in this article all used to live in Oxford but are now living somewhere else. All performances were recorded within the last week or so.

Today we are featuring the musicians Cary Hudson, Barrett O’Donnell, Keith Sanders, Bo Adams, and Jeff Callaway.

Watch the other performances here: Check It Out #1, Check It Out #2, Check It Out #3, Check It Out #4, Check It Out #5, Check It Out #6, Check It Out #7, Check It Out #8, and Check It Out #9.

Barrett O’Donnell

Barrett O’Donnell is a bass player who lived in Oxford many years ago. His band Elemovents was featured on the cover of The Local Voice in 2011, but he moved to Austin, Texas the following year. Here he is stuck at home, playing “Glad” by The Woods Brothers on his upright bass.

Jeff Callaway

Jazzy Jeff Callaway is back with a new video and on this one he’s playing the instrument he’s famous for… the trombone! He’s getting really creative with his videos, too. It looks and feels more like an old school television show. Check out his medley of 1970s movie themes! Awesome.

Keith Sanders

Keith Sanders took advantage of nice weather in Austin, Texas to post a series of live music videos from his porch and house. It’s always great to hear Keith’s terrific voice that was featured on American Idol back in the days when he lived in Oxford!

Bo Adams

Bo Adams grew up in Oxford and later moved to Destin, Florida. These days he lives in Memphis, Tennessee. Here he is playing a full concert on his front porch in the Bluff City!

Cary Hudson

Cary Hudson lived in Oxford for many, many years in the 80s and 90s. He fronted the rock band The Hilltops with John and Laurie Stirratt (John later joined Uncle Tupelo and Wilco). After The Hilltops broke up, Laurie and Cary formed Blue Mountain and were one of Oxford’s most successful bands of all time. Cary is a Mississippi music treasure and now he is posting live videos online. I never knew he played piano until recently!

Thank you for reading and listening. Please send me your feedback.

Let me know about local musicians that I might have missed who are posting live to the internet! I can’t be online all the time and will probably miss it if you don’t let me know. My email is newt@thelocalvoice.net and I’m also on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram @NewtRayburn

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