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Published on October 21st, 2020 | by TLV News


VOX & TLV Prison Writing Series: “Dick Biscuits,” by Stephen Combs

I’ve named these personally seasoned specialty prison food items Dick Biscuits or Dick Cornbread.

For years, while in prison, I have observed a host of men that have created these so named delicacies.

I feel that good hygiene is a taught skill. I thank my parents for instilling the routine of good hand washing into my brain.

However, daily I see my fellow prisoners hop outta bed for breakfast and head to the bathroom to take their morning piss. Then they head directly to the chow hall by bypassing the ALL important sink with the soap and running water.

Sometimes I mumble and other times I say it aloud, “Enjoy your Dick Biscuits.”

The very hand they used to point and stream with is the same hand that will soon hold that hot and delicious morning biscuit. That’s why I call them “Dick Biscuits.”

That same process is repeated at lunch and dinner except now I call it “Dick Cornbread.”

Some guys will stop at the sink just long enough to turn on the faucet, stick the fingers of one hand under the water for a heartbeat or two, and then head off for their “Dick Biscuit.”

I’m not certain if they actually dip the offending hand (fingers) under the water because I don’t observe that closely.

But regardless whether you hold your Johnson with your right or left hand you are adding personal flavor and lots of nasty to your diet.

But to the credit of many we do wash our hands faithfully and not just after trips to the urinal. Frequency is the key.

A pause of only twenty (20) seconds, with soap and water, and your biscuit or cornbread can be hot and delicious, but also Dick-free.

Here’s to your Health. Bon Appetit.

Stephen Combs is a 2020 graduate of the Prison Writes Initiative.

VOX Press’s Prison Writes Initiative (P.W.I.) began in the spring of 2014 at Mississippi State Penitentiary (Parchman Farm).
Initially, VOX set up workshops to cultivate inmate writing for publication. Since then, the program has expanded into five prison facilities and has become an educational program in its own right. So far, two volumes have been published: one in 2014 and another in 2016. Those books featured writing solely from Parchman.
The forthcoming third publication, Mississippi Prison Writing, differs from the other two books in that it features writings from many segments of the inmate student population: men, women, youth, disabled, veterans, and elderly students, from three different Mississippi prisons.
Leading up to the newest book’s publication, The Local Voice and VOX Press will feature a series of excerpts from the upcoming new volume. The second writer in the series, Stephen Combs, is a 2020 graduate of the Prison Writes Initiative. Several of his narratives will be included in Mississippi Prison Writing, to be released at the end of 2020. For futher information on Mississippi Prison Writing, contact Louis Bourgeois at or 662-816-8058.

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