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Volta Taverna Celebrates Twelfth Anniversary with Month-Long Half-Price Drink Special


July in Oxford means a lot of things—the heat being the first to come to mind—but the most important thing to remember about the month of July is that it’s Volta’s anniversary month. This means two-for-one Margaritas all month long, all day, every day. (Except Sunday, you heathens, give ‘em a break!)

This year marks the twelfth year of business for the iconic Oxford restaurant. Brooke Krizbai, the owner, says she is “super proud of the staff; everybody is always working really hard and doing a good job.” This must be true because nearly every time I head over to snag a spot on the patio to sip a Margarita and munch on Oxford’s most incredible cheese fries (smothered in ranch dressing and Sriracha, naturally) I have to wait to score a coveted spot with a North Lamar view. On those lucky, rare days when I manage to find an empty table, the place is always full by the time my frosty beverage arrives.

You’ll likely see someone familiar if you’re much of a social butterfly around these parts. Volta is known to have a good number of regulars vying for the servers’ attention. “We have so many regulars and we love seeing them come in all the time,” says Brooke. “And we love that people are trying the Mojitos; they’re just as popular as the Margaritas.” Yes, Mojitos. Frozen ones. If you still haven’t ordered one, just take a chance. I promise you, they are divine, a perfect way to beat the heat on a hot July afternoon while enjoying some good food and good vibes with your friends at Volta Taverna.

Congratulations to Brooke and her staff for twelve delicious years—here’s to another twelve and beyond! 


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