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Thursday, April 23 Webinar is First in Free Chamber of Commerce Series on Rebuilding After COVID-19


by Calyn Hoerner

Business leaders for whom the COVID-19 crisis has sharpened the need for digital marketing can hear strategies from an Oxford-based communications firm in a free webinar this week.

Lucy Schultze, founder and principal at Red Window Communications, will lead a session on “Communication Lessons to (re)Build Upon” Thursday, April 23, 2020, at 2 pm. To register, visit

Schultze’s half-hour talk will include observations on how COVID-19 is accelerating changes in marketing communications in ways that will continue once the crisis has passed. She will also share actionable strategies for local business leaders who want to better establish their digital footprint using websites, search marketing and social media.

“Business leaders know these are cost-effective tools they need to make use of today — but you gain a profoundly different perspective when digital interaction is all we have,” said Schultze, a former community journalist who founded Red Window in 2017.

“None of us has ever seen a situation like this, and our team certainly doesn’t have all the answers for economic recovery after COVID-19,” she said. “What we do have is a lot of experience building digital communications for clients. Sharing what we’ve learned is something our team can do to help right now.”

Thursday’s webinar is the first in a new series from the Oxford-Layette County Chamber of Commerce: “Operation Restoration: A LOU Leads Recovery Series.” 

Pam Swain, senior vice president of the Oxford-Lafayette County Chamber of Commerce, said she is excited for the business community gain a new perspective on ways to utilize the digital communication tools they are already familiar with as users.

“This series will be focused on ways for our Chamber members and the Oxford-Lafayette County business community to learn from experts in the area, on strategies to help them recover economically and revive their business on the other side of this COVID-19 crisis,” Swain said. “Our businesses are hurting right now, and we want to give them hope and support so that they can see the recovery of their business and this community on the horizon.”

The webinar from Red Window builds upon content the agency produced for Big Bad Business, a live-event series for entrepreneurs that has currently shifted to online outreach. It is a collaboration between the Yoknapatawpha Arts Council and the Oxford-Lafayette County Economic Development Foundation.

Wayne Andrews, executive director of the Yoknapatawpha Arts Council, hopes participants will come away from the new webinars with actionable tools to help their businesses grow.

“A crisis like the one we are all facing now is a challenge for all businesses, regardless of their scale,” Andrews said. “We hope that tapping into resources like Red Window will help our business community sustain and emerge stronger in the future.”

Register for the April 23 webinar:

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