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Published on October 24th, 2014 | by TLV News


“The Zediker Brothers “Square Debut” at Ajax Diner” – by Lloyd Allen

Oxford, Miss (TLV) – There’s been a buzz around town about two young musicians, and it’s been getting louder. Since their solo debut at the Oxford Blues Festival this past summer, The Zediker Brothers have been gaining momentum, and support. Matthew (16) and Charlie Zediker (13) have teamed up with Oxford musician, Mikey Namorato (aka “Judas Cooter,” the long-time drummer for The Cooters and Hawgwash), to form a power trio. Matthew is lead guitar, Charlie is behind the kit, and Mikey is on bass. All three contribute for vocals.

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERATheir first full-blown rock show is at Ajax Diner on Friday, October 24. Show starts at 11 pm.

So how do a couple of kids from Water Valley get on the music radar in Oxford?

The short version of a long story: Their father, Glen, developed a friendship with Mikey Namorato. That led to enlisting his teaching expertise to work with his son, Charlie, in learning martial arts. Over the next few months of kickboxing instruction, Charlie continually eyed the drum kit at Namorato’s house. One afternoon, Charlie was a little under the weather and wondered if they could just play the drums instead of working out… That was nearly four years ago, and that became his focus. Matthew began joining in about two years ago to back up Charlie, and to gain experience. Beginning with that first session, the trio started to develop a set, and Namorato told them they all needed to plan to “get out and do a show.” They kept playing, kept preparing, and they’re launching that full show this Friday. Says Namorato, “I’ve never seen kids with that kind of talent, and the dedication to make it all happen. It’s been an amazing experience to be able to share what I know, and for them to make me better on top of it.”

ZedikerBrothersThe music started early. Matthew: “When we were little, my dad played a lot of music for us, a lot of different music, a lot of rock from the 60s, and a lot of Metallica… I guess it all gets ‘in there’ and comes out in different combinations when we do our own things.” Self-taught, Matthew started playing guitar at age ten. His dad says, “I remember very clearly him sitting at the kitchen table a few days after he got his first guitar and doing the riff from Iron Man. I said, ‘whoa,’ do that again…” He did, and hasn’t stopped working on guitar since. The brothers put many hours into their music each week.

Beyond the Oxford Blues Festival experience, The Zediker Brothers have performed at Foxfire Ranch, the Grenada Afterglow Film Festival, and numerous gigs in North Mississippi, including several performances with Cadillac Funk. The Ajax show will be their “Square debut,” and an opportunity to turn loose the sound that’s created all the buzz! Charlie: “At Ajax you’ll hear the music we love, a lot of the music we’re doing on our own. It’s kind of funny, to everyone there it’s a rock and roll show, but to us it’s like a dream. It’s really cool that I get to play the same things that John Bonham played.”

The Zediker Brothers have been recording at Bruce Watson’s Dial Back Sound studio, and their plan is to keep moving with their original music. They play their own brand of “evil blues” as well as other original music that has a clear influence from their favorites, like Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, Metallica, and Led Zeppelin.

What about their young ages? Just points in time to The Zediker Brothers. Namorato says, “These guys are serious… I’m happy to be able to pass on the same professionalism that The Cooters have developed over the past 20 years. There’s no doubt about it, these kids can play.” If you are in a mood for serious rock and roll, come see The Zediker Brothers at Ajax. The Local Voice Ligature


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