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The Townies 2021 Local Favorites Awards Results: Restaurants


And the Townie goes to …



  1. Saint Leo
  2. The Sipp
  3. City Grocery
    HM: Blind Pig, Snackbar, SoLa, Tango’s

Asian Food

  1. Jinsei
  2. Toyo
  3. Rice and Spice
    HM: H2O, Kabuki, Noodle Bowl, Pick Thai, Zaap Thai


  1. Bottletree Bakery
  2. Kelly’s Cakery
  3. Insomnia Cookies
    HM: Bremma’s Bakery, Community Donuts, Hugh Rise Donuts, Ollie’s Donuts, Smallcakes


  1. Moe’s Original BBQ
  2. B’s BBQ
  3. Handy Andy
    HM: Blind Pig, Jake’s Craft BBQ, Smokeshop Oxford


  1. Blake Summers (Uptown Coffee)
  2. Morgan Pennington (Uptown Coffee)
  3. Anna Kate Joyce (Common Ground)
    HM: Justin Davis (Common Ground), Quinn Chandler (Uptown)

Beer Selection

  1. Growler
  2. Blind Pig
  3. Cash Saver
    HM: Harrison’s, Lost Pizza, Moe’s Penny Bar, Round Table, Tango’s


  1. Ben Fitzgerald (Round Table)
  2. Sam Wright (Harrison’s)
  3. Joe Stinchcomb (Saint Leo)
    HM: Peyton Attaway (Funkys), Emily Cappioni (The Sipp), Andrew Cox (Harrison’s), Andy Douglas (SoLa), Sam Moore (Rooster’s)


  1. Big Bad Breakfast
  2. First Watch
  3. The Beacon
    HM: Bottletree Bakery, Cash Saver Deli, Huddle House, IHOP, Lindsey’s Chevron


  1. Big Bad Breakfast
  2. First Watch
  3. Saint Leo
    HM: SoLa, McEwen’s, Rafter’s, Mesquite Chophouse

Chicken / Wings

  1. Southern Coop
  2. Moe’s Original BBQ
  3. Jinsei
    HM: Abner’s, Buffalo Wild Wings, Ole Coop, Popeye’s, Rooster’s


  1. Saint Leo
  2. The Sipp on South Lamar
  3. Snackbar
    HM: Blind Pig, Boure, The Coop at the Graduate, Jinsei, SoLa


  1. Erika Lipe, SoLa
  2. Jon Davis, Saint Leo
  3. Vishwesh Bhatt, Snackbar
    HM: John Allgood (Moe’s), Joey Bongiovanni (Funkys), Cameron Bryant (The Sipp), Eric Tait (McEwen’s)

Delivery Service

  1. Fetcht
  2. Uber Eats
  3. Door Dash
    HM: Domino’s, Bite Squad

Curbside Service

  1. Ajax Diner
  2. Moe’s Original BBQ
  3. SoLa
    HM: Boure, Funkys, Saint Leo, South Depot, Volta


  1. Handy Andy
  2. Oxford Burger Co.
  3. Phillip’s Grocery
    HM: Ajax, Bim Bam Burgers, Blind Pig, Boure, 5 Guys

Happy Hour

  1. Volta Taverna
  2. Library
  3. Blind Pig
    HM: Boure, Funkys, Moe’s Penny Bar, The Sipp, Snackbar


  1. Volta Taverna
  2. El Agave
  3. Uno Mas
    HM: Casa Mexicana, SoLa, South Depot Taco Shop, Tango’s, El Mariachi

Patio / Deck

  1. Volta Taverna
  2. Harrison’s
  3. Boure
    HM: City Grocery, The Coop, Lost Pizza, Proud Larry’s, Tangos


  1. Volta Taverna
  2. Newk’s
  3. Proud Larry’s
    HM: Blind Pig, Boure, Greenline, Oby’s, Saint Leo


  1. Volta Taverna
  2. Ajax
  3. Oxford Canteen
    HM: H2O, Greenline, Living Foods, Oxford Canteen, Rice and Spice


  1. Stephen Downing, Volta Taverna
  2. Peyton Bowen, Tangos
  3. Kayla Canfield, Ajax
    HM: Nikki Bing (King’s Steakhouse), Brittany Case (Boure, Lenora’s), Terry Moon (City Grocery)

Mexican Food

  1. El Agave
  2. El Mundo Taco Shop
  3. Uno Mas
    HM: Casa Mexicana, El Mariachi, La Perla, San Jose, South Depot


  1. Lost Pizza
  2. Funkys
  3. Saint Leo
    HM: 6NTubbs, Dodo Pizza, Fergndan’s, Proud Larry’s, Square Pizza, Pizza Den


  1. Oxford Creamery
  2. YaYa’s
  3. McEwen’s
    HM: Ajax, City Hall Cheesecake, Dairy Queen, Insomnia Cookies, Snackbar

Fine Dining

  1. City Grocery
  2. McEwen’s
  3. Oxford Grillehouse
    HM: Boure, City Grocery, King’s Steakhouse, Ravine, Saint Leo, Snackbar


  1. Snackbar
  2. King’s Steakhouse
  3. Jinsei
    HM: Alligator Lounge, Boure, City Grocery, Landshark, Oxford Grillehouse

Soul Food

  1. Ajax Diner
  2. Mama Jo’s
  3. Larson’s Cash Saver Deli
    HM: B’s BBQ, The Beacon, Little Easy Catering, Moe’s BBQ


  1. Blind Pig
  2. Newk’s
  3. Ajax
    HM: Boure, McAlister’s, Oby’s, Pizza Den, Proud Larry’s


  1. Jinsei
  2. Toyo
  3. Kabuki
    HM: Kroger, Noodle Bowl


  1. Oxford Grillehouse
  2. King’s Steakhouse
  3. Mesquite Chophouse
    HM: Chili’s, Julep, Lenora’s, McEwen’s, The Sizzler

Favorite Restaurant

  1. Ajax Diner
  2. Volta Taverna
  3. Saint Leo
    HM: Boure, Handy Andy, King’s Steakhouse, McEwen’s, SoLa, Moe’s Original BBQ, The Sipp

Favorite Bar

  1. Blind Pig
  2. The Library
  3. City Grocery
    HM: Round Table, Harrison’s, Funkys, Moe’s Penny Bar, Tango’s, Rooster’s, The Sipp


  1. Uptown Coffee
  2. High Point
  3. Starbucks
    HM: Big Bad Breakfast, Bottletree Bakery, Common Ground, Heartbreak, Lost Dog
  4. Landshark
  5. Rebel Boilers
  6. Crawdad Hole
    HM: Alligator Lounge, Dixie, Funkys, Harrison’s, SoLa

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