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The Townies 2021 Local Favorites Awards Results: Businesses


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Favorite Local Business

  1. Oxford Social Club
  2. Ajax
  3. Neilson’s
    HM: Harrison’s, King’s Steakhouse, Moe’s BBQ, Square Books, Tango’s


  1. Audra Rester,
    Oxford Middle School
  2. Randy Yates, Ajax Diner
  3. Brooke Krizbai, Volta
    HM: Adam Matthews (King’s Steakhouse), Erika Lipe (SoLa), Emily Blunt (Saint Leo), John Allgood (Moe’s)


  1. Brown Family Dairy
  2. Native Son
  3. Yokna Bottoms
    HM: Bost Farm, Homeplace Pastures, Woodson Ridge

Liquor Store

  1. Star Package
  2. Social Wine & Whiskey House
  3. High Cotton
    HM: Heritage Liquors, Kiamie’s, Magnolia, PJ’s, Rebel Wine & Spirits


  1. Chicory Market
  2. Larson’s Cash Saver
  3. Kroger
    HM: Oxford Community Market, Midtown Farmer’s Market,

Music Store

  1. The End of All Music
  2. Rebel Music
  3. Ron’s Music
    HM: Roxford University

Local Radio Station

  1. Bullseye 95.5
  2. Q105.1
  3. Rebel Radio 92.1
    HM: MPB 90.3, 98.5, 103.5, Miss 98 97.5


  1. LaRousse
  2. The Studio
  3. Amara
    HM: Alice & Co., Emma J, Luxe, Nolan Taylor, The Parlor, Southern Chic

Second Hand Store

  1. Goodwill
  2. Helping Hands
  3. The Mustard Seed
    HM: The Depot, Salvation Army, Sugar Magnolia

Smoke Shop

  1. Slacker Supply
  2. Spring Street Cigars
  3. Local Color
    HM: Brittany Store, Cloud 9, Sam’s Tobacco, Vapor Maven


  1. Margaret Boatright Hood, Nolan Taylor
  2. Dallas Nutt, LaRousse
  3. Sarah Kate Purvis, The Studio
    HM: Kelli Ray Coleman, Jennifer Lasky, Amara, Regina Daniels, Amara, Ciara Harrison, LaRousse

Bygone Business

  1. Soulshine
  2. Mistillis Café
  3. Hoka Theatre
    HM: Holli’s Sweet Tooth, Lamar Lounge, Two Stick

Taxi Service

  1. Roy Boy
  2. Uber
  3. Austin Taxi
    HM: Oxford Taxi, Zoe’s

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