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The Townies 2021 Local Favorites Awards Results: ARTS & MUSIC

And the Townie goes to …

Arts & Music

Tattoo Artist

  1. Brian Shives
  2. Doug Hollis
  3. Cody Rardin
    HM: Eric Warren


  1. Jim Hendrix
  2. Kelli Lindsey
  3. TIE: Bruce Newman, Paul Gandy
    HM: Joey Brent, JDM Photography, Emily Toma

Keyboardist / Pianist

  1. Anita Ludlow
  2. Tate Moore
  3. Bill Perry
    HM: Eric Carlton, Robert Chaffe, Damein Wash


  1. Ricky Burkhead
  2. Kenny Graeber
  3. Richard Zepeda
    HM: Harrison Smith, Bradley Gordon, Ian Kirkpatrick


  1. Scooby da Kid
  2. Squeecky tha Beast
  3. Stork
    HM: Elise DeVoe

Online Performer

  1. Damein Wash
  2. Silas Reed
  3. Tate Moore
    HM: Daniel Hodges, Davis Whitwell, Jeff Calloway, Silas Reed IV, Tyler Keith

New Band

  1. South of Memphis
  2. Subcontra
  3. Wannu
    HM: Soultones, Southern Groove Redemption, Sam Wright, Ryan Miller, Joe Austin and The Tallahatchies

Bass Player

  1. Nathan Robbins
  2. Patrick Mink
  3. Dave Woolworth
    HM: Matt Patton, Tommy Turan


  1. Cindy Aune
  2. Bradley Gordan
  3. Jan Tranum
    HM: Coulter Fussel, Lee Harper, Megan Patton, Glennray Tutor

Local Band

  1. Haggard Collins
  2. Kudzu Kings
  3. The Great Dying
    HM: And the Echo, Joe Austin & The Tallahatchies, The Pearl Divide, Mustache, Southern Groove Redemption

Most Underrated Musician

  1. Haggard Collins
  2. Jack Probst
  3. Joe Austin
    HM: Damein Wash, Daniel Hodges, Hap Williams, Patrick Mink, Davis Coen

Art Gallery

  1. Southside Gallery
  2. Powerhouse
  3. University Museum


  1. Morgan Freeman
  2. Logan Little
  3. Johnny McPhail
    HM: Rhes Low, Jennifer Pierce Mathus, Susan McPhail


  1. Bill Perry
  2. Damein Wash
  3. Melanie Addington HM: Thad Lee, Joe York, Antonio Terrell


  1. Eric Deaton
  2. Haggard Collins
  3. Kel Kellum
    HM: Jason Cain, Will Griffith, Tyler Keith, Silas Reed, Will Smith

Horn Player

  1. Jeff Callaway
  2. Casey Lipe
  3. Daniel Hodges
    HM: Adam Davenport, Daniel Roebuck


  1. Will Griffith
  2. Haggard Collins
  3. Anne Freeman
    HM: Davis Coen, Daniel Hodges, Tate Moore


  1. Brady Bramlett
  2. Haggard Collins
  3. Damein Wash
    HM: Will Griffith, Davis Coen, Anne Freeman, Tate Moore, Kate Teague, Zachariah Tillotson


  1. Logan Little
  2. Connor King
  3. Bruce Butler
    HM: Denver Bridwell, Matt Wymer, Picasio Thompson, Moon Pie Curtis, Carter Wilkes

You can see the other categories here:


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