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The Local Voice #161 is out now! Download the PDF here Oxford, Ole Miss, north Mississippi


The Local Voice #161

July 26- Aug 16

Download the PDF here:



Red Cup Rebellion: Penn State, Ole Miss, and the Sins of Our Fathers: How Penn State is finding out what Ole Miss has already learned.


“Jimmy Pitts Remembered”… by Sarah Reddick, Laura Cole, Priscilla Grantham, and Shannon Watts. A look back at the man and his art, by some folks who loved him.


“My First Everything: Hot Tamales,” by Vera Pa. Latest installment in Vera’s series.


White Collar Criminal: Diamond Flakes for God’s Sake: Love, lust, and other stuff.


“Feeding Friends: Feast for Body and Soul,” by Rebecca Long. Recipes, memories, and dinner party tips.


“My Father Was A Good Man,” by James Tighe.  The father/son merry-go-round never stops.


Christian Agnostic: The Anxiety of Belief by Brandon Michael Williams.




River City Tanlines at Ajax Diner, Friday July 27th. River City Tanlines is a three-piece band from Memphis.


Record of the Issue: River City Tanlines will perform in store at End of All Music before Ajax show on Friday, July 27th.


Local Q&A:

“What do you think should be an Olympic sport?” by Nature Humphries



Olympic Trivia

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The Local Voice #162 is Out NOW! (August 16-30, 2012) Download PDF Oxford, Mississippi, Ole Miss
The Local Voice #160 is out now! Download the PDF here Oxford, Water Valley, North Mississippi...
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