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The Local Voice #148 is out now! Oxford, Ole Miss, Mississippi


The Local Voice #148 is out now!
Download the PDF online here


The Local Voice #148 is out now!
January 19 – February 2, 2012

TLV #148 features…

Hip Hop Invasion
Wednesday, February 1, 2012 live at Proud Larry’s

featuring DJ HUSH, Preauxx, Knowledge Nick, Royal T,
and Abbeville’s own Bill Mysteryo!
“Signing Day Comes to Ole Miss”
Who will Lafayette High Quarterback Jeremy Liggins choose?
Find out Monday, January 30th at Irie on the Oxford Square.
by Red Cup RebellionMississippi: The Dance Company presents “A Winter Collection”
February 2-4, 2012 at 7:30 pm February 5th at 2 pm in Meek Auditorium at Ole Miss
 Carter Beckworth live at Proud Larry’s Saturday, January 28th
interview by Nature Humphries
“10 Great Things About Being Back in Mississippi”
by JoLynn Wells (notes from the Visiting Yankee)
Lauderdale brings Moody Rock to the Blind Pig Saturday, Jan. 28th”
Local Q&A: by Winter Harden
“What do you miss most about Oxford when you’re away?”
Creative Writing by White Collar Criminal
“Day 62: Is Socks Dead Yet?”
“For Elaine” by Sarah Reddick
“Who Once Crocheted A Bookmark For Me That Just Said ‘F**K’”
TLV Satire:
“30A Sticker Improves Sophomore’s Social Status”
“Occupy Water Valley Marks 100th Miserable Day
with Pleadings for Food”

by Sherman Smithers, WTF News
Fun Games to Keep Minds Sharp in 2012″ by Donna Erickson
  Cook of the House: Kent Poss of Soulshine
Cool Comix by Michael Ikeda-Chandler

Music Trivia by Newt Cooter Rayburn
Cinema Stumpers by Barton Segal
Trivia Test, Dollars & Sense, Paw’s Corner,

Strange But True, Flash Gordon, Popeye…


Food & Drink Specials from Oxford’s Favorite Restaurants,

Local Entertainment Calendar,
Comix, Puzzles, even more Brainteasers, Trivia, and cool stuff…

The Local Voice #148 is OUT NOW!

Download the PDF online here

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