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The Great Gatsby February 28 at The Ford Center


One of the great cautionary tales about the American dream, The Great Gatsby is now brought to the stage by Montana Repertory Theatre. Known for its compelling productions of great American stories that penetrate to the core of human experience—Death of a Salesman, To Kill A Mockingbird, The Miracle Worker—the troupe’s Gatsby will convince you that Simon Levy’s masterful adaptation captures, perhaps better than all movies of varying artistic merit, the elusive magic of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s slim novel. It’s all here: the beautiful people, the decadence, the idealism–and the darkest fate.

Led by Artistic Director Greg Johnson, Montana Repertory Theatre was established as a professional touring company in 1968 and is the theatre-in-residence at the University of Montana. As one of the most respected touring companies in the country, the Rep assembles a team of actors, directors and designers with prestigious credits including Broadway, Off-Broadway, national tours of Broadway shows and major regional theatre.



I think I can safely say I love The Great Gatsby. The power of the narrative; the accurate, haunting, and heartfelt snapshot of the Roaring Twenties; and the sheer beauty of the prose still take my breath away. I’ve discovered and rediscovered this masterpiece over the years with new perspective, joy, and appreciation.

I first read The Great Gatsby in one thrilling afternoon on the Jersey shore during high school, and I have long dreamed of bringing the novel to the stage. Only recently has this become possible, with the publication of Simon Levy’s masterful adaptation. Although there are several movie versions of varying artistic merit, the stage offers a new, exciting, and fertile ground for the story. On the stage we can feel the energy of Jay Gatsby, the sensual allure of Daisy Buchanan, and the Everyman complexity of Nick Carraway.

As Montana Rep continues telling great American stories, we approach The Great Gatsby with all the honor and care such an outstanding work of art deserves. We’re pleased to reintroduce and reinvigorate this classic, bringing the beauty and poetry of this masterpiece—living and breathing on stage—to a new generation of theatergoers. 

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