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Sinfully Southern Bakery and Fat Eddie’s Permanently Close


In addition to the closing of Rib Cage and Second Line, Oxford has recently lost two more restaurants. Sinfully Southern Bakery located on Old Taylor Road and Fat Eddie’s on North Lamar Boulevard have officially ceased operations.

Sinfully Southern Bakery, owned by Chef Dwayne Ingraham, announced through its Facebook page on May 14 that the business would be permanently closed.

Responses came pouring in beneath the post. Those who frequented the bakery could not believe it was gone and many expressed their disappointment that they had never tried the food.

“I’m so sorry to learn this. I’m going to miss Sinfully Southern Bakery. It’s nice to patron a place and truly feel welcome. That’s how you guys made each customer feel. Thank you!,” commented Jennifer Simmons

A couple commenters were even convinced someone had hacked the bakery’s page. Unfortunately, Sinfully Southern Bakery confirmed that the doors would be closing for good.

“Yes it is true Sinfully Southern has closed as of today,” commented Sinfully Southern Bakery

Just over a week later on May 23, Fat Eddie’s, a part of the City Grocery Restaurant Group, announced it would be permanently closing its doors as well. The location was previously Lamar Lounge, a BBQ joint. In November Fat Eddie’s opened, after a brief renovation, as a traditional Italian “red-sauce” style restaurant. Management stated that, despite closing the brick and mortar location, Fat Eddie’s pop up events would still be a possibility.

The text and full announcement from Fat Eddie’s management can be found below:
“We were sad to announce, that after a good hard run we are having to close Fat Eddie’s permanently. We deeply appreciate your support and could not be more sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. Look for Eddie’s pop ups in the future. We may not have been able to make the location work, but Eddie is alive and well. Again, thank you.



As of now, there are no confirmed plans for the North Lamar location. 


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