June 15, 2024

5 thoughts on “Punishment for Childhood Trauma Can Last a Lifetime, Researcher Says

  1. Agreed. I was so traumatized from the time I can remember. It absolutely carries into I schooling and adulthood.
    No one came to my rescue. I was considered the black sheep because of acting out, from the abuse at home.
    Noo one cared at all.

  2. Cptsd created from childhood and more trauma through out adulthood…and I completely disagree… Never been in therapy or on any meds and I’ve been able to be a functioning adult and able to control myself and regulate my feelings during panic attacks… I agree with the above comment only that no one cared

  3. My childhood trauma carried way over into my adulthood and I, to this day suffer from the attacks on my thoughts. It can be difficult at times to shut all that off and think about positive things. One day I will be free from this torment.

  4. I am an identical twin, from the time I can remember people would always call me the bad twin. That stigma followed me throughout my childhood. Which caused me to believe I was actually bad when I wasn’t, because of the trauma I experienced. I don’t refer to children as bad. I use the word busy instead.

  5. I Love her article !!! Thank You so much for looking out for those with Unseen wounds !!! Keep bringing this subject to light ,,,, hopefully One day millions more people will be able to look past a person’s even smile or laughter and see the pain internally carried .

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