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Published on June 13th, 2017 | by Brittain Thompson


Petition Circulating to Revert Recent Ole Miss Parking Changes

Ole Miss just recently announced that all vehicles would need to pull into a spot with their license plate facing the road. If you pull through or back into a spot, you will receive an initial warning followed by citations.

A petition, created by Ole Miss student Hunter Story, has begun circulation on change.org requesting the university revert the new parking policy updates. Since its creation, 19 hours ago as of writing, the petition has reached over 1,500 signatures.

“Like many current students Ole Miss parking is already frustrating enough,” write Story. “wether(sic) it be the lack of parking, ridiculous citations, or the over-priced parking pass without the guarantee of a spot, without being told how I can park my vehicle. For many students pulling forwards into a spot is not a feasible option.”

He goes on citing that large vehicles often have trouble fitting into parking spots as it is.

“This new policy is an unnecessary added burden to an already burdensome process,” continues Story. “The potential for avoidable wrecks that would take place while trying to park forwards into a small spot for some students as well as the overall prospect of being told how to park is not a well thought out policy for the school to impose in the best interest of current and new students.”

Whether the university will acknowledge this is another question, but it seems clear what a large chunk of the student population thinks of these changes. The Local Voice Ligature

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