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Oxford Virtual Film Festival Week 5 Short Film Presentation: Black Lens Narrative Shorts

Live Q&A set for Saturday, May 23 at 8 pm CSTmore info


Director: Cathleen Dean
Country: USA
Running Time: 9 min

With poetic intensity, he describes a scene that far too many people of color have experienced. The tremble in his voice, the sweat on his brow show us the buried pain as it bubbles to the surface. Being, a deftly shot melodrama, takes us into the mind of the most targeted person in America—the Black man.

Director: Frantzy Moreau
Country: USA
Running Time: 14:43 min

Olly and Ade are two friends who cherish their bond and relationship. However, one strives to leave the environment by any means while the other grows dependent on their relationship.

The Initiation

Director: Amir Youssef
Country: USA
Running Time: 19:23 min

In an abandoned place where violence rules, only graffiti walls show compassion. David, a homeless man and a silent narrator follows the tags of a Latino Graffiti writer named Pedro.

The Interview

Director: Nate Duncan
Country: USA
Running Time: 15 min

The Interview is a film about a young man pursuing business success who, during a life-changing interview, comes face-to-face with the realization that he has lived a mediocre existence and lost sight of what is most important in life. He suddenly has to explain a lifetime of casual choices that will decide his very future.

Director: Zaire Love
Country: USA
Running Time: 4:46 min

Miss Magic follows Tyler, a non-binary person of color, who identifies as gay in the thick of Mississippi’s dust. Through creative montages, interviews, and observational footage, audiences are taken on a journey to witness the story of Tyler’s becoming.

Director: Kyle Taubken
Country: USA
Running Time: 13 min

Ben Whitaker, Jr., an aging and mostly washed-up songwriter from the 60s – 70s era of big soul music navigates loneliness, failed relationships, and a botched career in modern day Memphis, Tennessee.

Oxford Virtual Film Festival Week 5 Short Film Presentation: Fest Forward #3
Oxford Virtual Film Festival Week 5 Feature Film Presentation: "Queen of Lapa"

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