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Ole Miss Student Body Will Vote on New Mascot


Ole Miss students will have the chance to contribute to potential history in the making On Tuesday, September 26, 2017. The Associated Student Body (ASB) has proposed a vote to change the University of Mississippi’s mascot from the Black Bear to the Landshark.

ASB’s president Dion Kevin III released a statement on Monday for the proposition of making Ole Miss the Landshark’s new home. Facing racial scrutiny, the long-time “Colonel Reb” mascot disappeared from the Ole Miss fields in 2003. Seven years later, “Rebel Black Bear” became the new face of the university.

In 2008, Ole Miss defensive linebacker and Army veteran Tony Fein led a defensive charge against the Florida Gators’ offense. Upon rising, Fein held his hand to his helmet, thus creating the “Landshark Tradition.” Following his untimely death in 2009 after an accidental drug overdose, the students inhabiting Ole Miss carried their fins high on their head for years to come. 

Students will be able to vote for the Landshark on the Personality Elections ballot next Tuesday through their myOleMiss accounts. 

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