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Ole Miss Rebels Coaching Changes and What it Means for Hugh Freeze


The turmoil and turnover in the football office at the Manning Center has caused Ole Miss fans a bit of concern. After a less-than-stellar football season, the Rebels were expected to make changes. Many fans were calling for it.

The Ole Miss defense was porous this season. Therefore, when Dave Wommack stepped down from his position as defensive coordinator it was not met with surprise. There was a movement suggesting that if he did not step down, he should be fired.

However, when Head Coach Hugh Freeze announced that Offensive Coordinator Dan Werner would not be returning to the team, it was a complete surprise. While the offense had difficulties playing consistently for a complete game, it still managed to be very productive.

Werner’s offense led the SEC in passing yards for the 2016 season with 3779 yards. He also managed to have the Rebels fourth in total offense (5572) and third in total points (32.58). So, although the offense disappeared in many second halves of games during the season, it still was one of the best in the SEC.

It was assumed that Werner would get another year to restore the Ole Miss offense to the top of the SEC with Shea Patterson at quarterback. However, it seems that Coach Freeze is using this opportunity to revamp his coaching staff. This has become a chance for Ole Miss to infuse a different energy into the program.

Another season like this year will place Coach Freeze squarely on the hot seat. Whether he would deserve to be there is another debate, but the feeling is that is where he will end up if 2017 mirrors 2016. Therefore, his choices for his new coordinators will be huge.

He will be placing his future in their hands. Not just his future, but the immediate future of the Ole Miss program. Next season with the new coordinators will be one to watch. 

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