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Published on October 14th, 2016 | by Kevin Williams


Ole Miss Football Forecasts: Arkansas

If there were a list that existed of games that Ole Miss fans would love to see avenged, this week’s game would be at the top. The Rebels will have that opportunity as they face off against the Arkansas Razorback. The last we saw of this Razorback team was when we lost to them in 2015, 53-52 in overtime.
That game was highlighted by Arkansas’ conversion of an improbable fourth and 25. The play included an over-the-head lateral that eventually led to a first down that extended the game. A game that was lost on a two point conversion in overtime.
The Rebels are hoping this year’s version of their rivalry against the Hogs will be a little more joyous. There is plenty of motivation for Ole Miss this week. In what is usually deemed as a sign of disrespect in the sports world, the Rebels will be Arkansas’ homecoming opponent. This is a designation normally reserved for your lesser teams or non-conference opponents. So, scheduling Ole Miss as this year’s homecoming foe adds fuel to the fire.
Arkansas will bring a lot of talent to the field. Last year’s star Hog quarterback Brandon Allen is gone. However, he has been replaced by his younger brother Austin. Allen is coming off of a 400-yard game against the Alabama Crimson Tide. He threw for three touchdown but also threw to three interceptions.
The Tide jumped to a substantial lead early which forced Allen and the Razorbacks to pass more often. He attempted 48 passes. However, Arkansas’ offense is not built to be a pass-heavy offense. They are successful when they can have a healthy dose of runs.
But victory for the Rebels will have little to do with Arkansas. When the Rebels’ offense is clicking for four quarters, there is not a team in the country that can beat us. Our passing offense is second in the conference behind Missouri. That’s only because they haven’t faced the teams that we have faced this year.
Chad Kelly and his bevy of receivers are unmatched in the SEC. If they execute, we should win. The defense just has play well enough to make Arkansas work for points. But vengeance shall be ours. Ole Miss 48 Arkansas 34 The Local Voice Ligature

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