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Published on February 10th, 2016 | by Brittain Thompson


Ole Miss Football Cited in NCAA Recruiting Violations

Oxford, Miss. (TLV)—The Associated Press reported, on Tuesday, a breakdown of the violations Ole Miss will receive. Since then, the 13 citing the Ole Miss football program has caused much speculation regarding what punishment the NCAA will decide on.

Of the 13 levied against the football program, only four included the current staff and have already been self-reported.

NCAA violations are ranked from Level 1 to level 3, with level 1 being the most serious. While the 28 violations were a mix of all three, the four violations under Hugh Freeze‘s watch were all regarded as low-level offenses.

Freeze also was not personally named in any of the violations.

Ole Miss officials have been quoted saying there were “no surprises” among the violations.

A large concern was if Ole Miss would receive the more serious failure-to-monitor violation. A Failure-to-monitor violation is defined as a significant breach of conduct.

An official list of violations has not been released at this time, only what the AP and ESPN have reported through anonymous sources. 


A list of the four self-reported violations occurring during Freeze’s tenure is below:

  • A coach contacting a recruit during a designated non-contact evaluation period.
  • Creating an improper recruiting video outside the locker room.
  • A “booster” illegally transporting a recruit t campus
  • A stepfather of a recruit having his lodging paid for during an official visit (This rule has since been changed by the NCAA)  The Local Voice Ligature


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