April 19, 2024

1 thought on “Ole Miss Basketball Legend Johnny Neumann Has Passed

  1. I read with sadness the passing of Johnny Neumann. Over the CBA 82/83 season I had the great privilege of working with Johnny as well as sharing a house with him in Bangor, Maine where he was the player/coach of The Maine Lumberjacks.

    I was the graphic designer and photographer for all the Lumberjacks promotional material. I am English and was having the time of my life working with him and associating with other big names like Reggie Jackson, Dennis Eckersly, Coach Fitch and Larry Bird. He was great fun to be around and work with, and I can honestly say he is the the most amusing person I have ever met, he had me crying with laughter many times with his story regaling and antics.Latterly I followed his career online with interest.

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