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Mustache The Band vs. Dickey Do & The Don’ts (by Debbie Dallas and Dolly Hardon, from TLV #164)

Mustache The Band

Dickey Do & The Don’ts

(Mustache The Band LIVE Thu. & Fri. 9/13 & 9/14 at The Library)
(Dickey Do & The Don’ts LIVE Friday 9/14 at Proud Larrys’)
Judge for yourself!


Mustache The Band… interview by Debbie Dallas

Mustache has recently grown longer and thicker and has been taking Oxford by storm every time they play a show. Made up of five randy rascals, these charmers the party every time: Alan Johnson (guitar, vox), Clint Sack (keys, guitar, vox), Joe Stiffie (steel & guitar), David Balls (drums), and Silly Ray Cyrus (bass)


Q&A with Alan Johnson

Is it true that you stole Dickey Do’s dad’s do? I have had this hair-do since 1990. I got it honest. Cause buddy if I didn’t earn it, I don’t want it.

What’s the best place you’ve found a mustache on a girl? One little country girl raised her arms up during a show and she had an unbelievable amount of underarm ‘stache.  But she sure looked good in her denim and pearls. Rocked my world.

What do you do that Dickey don’t? We’re shameless.  Shameless as a band can be.

Best place to make out? On a tractor or in the bed of a truck? Definitely a truck. It’s got an eight foot bed that never has to be made. You know if it weren’t for trucks we wouldn’t have tailgates?

I hear that the drummer, David Balls, is the only mustache member without a mustache. Does he have a hidden stache? David has had trouble growing a mustache since he was 16. He has an «inner stache» that he expresses through his sideburn chops. The chops really hold the band together. Just like Ronnie’s power goatee drives Brooks and Dunn. Friends of ours.

What does a girl have to do to get backstage for the mustache after party? Get down on the farm or have friends in low places? It’s pretty simple. Mustache has two rules. Don’t forget to shut the gate and stay outta the beans.

Who’s more likely to shoot out the lights on a small town Saturday night? Dickey or Mustache? Now the Don’ts do like to party but I think we are more likely to shoot out the lights. We both like slammin em’ back and laughing out loud. We’re just looking for a party crowd. They are more likely to howl at the moon though. We can’t stay out as late as we use to.  I still remember when 30 was old. 

How does it feel to be in third place? It’s an honor really. We realize that it’s hard to maintain excellence decade after decade. We have been rocking some of these hits since 1990. That’s a long time to be on top. Some girls don’t like bands like us but some girls do.

I mustache you a question. Nevermind. I’ll shave it for later. Stay outta the beans.


Q & A with David Balls

Does it make you nervous that your front man Alan Johnson wears a life vest? Have you ever been down to Dumas Walker’s? You’d wear one too!

Why stay out of the beans? That’s one of the rules that you need to know…..that, and don’t mess with the bull, he’ll get real mean.



Dickey Do & The Don’ts… interview by Dolly Hardon


Dickey Do & The Don’ts is a band made up of true superstars. Austin Marshall (drums, vox) works on Music Row in Nashville with Dallas Davidson, 2012 ACM Songwriter of the Year, who has written 13 #1 Country Music songs. Jamison Hollister has been featured on both American Idol and The Voice as the pedal steel and fiddle player.  The rest of the guys play for many local Oxford band that include Rocket 88, Jimbo Mathus, Gunboat, and more.

The question remains, will Rocket Natey Nate (bass, vox) wear his assless chaps? If you don’t go, you’ll never know!


Q & A with Austin Marshall

Who is the 3rd best country band in North Mississippi and do you have any plans to take them down? We heard some horseshit that the Mustache Band may be the 3rd.  We plan to take them down at Texas weekend by playing George Strait: 50 #1’s in its entirety.

I want to come to your show at Larrys’ on Friday, September 14th, but I don’t know what to wear. Help? Cowboy Hat, Western Boots, Daisy Dukes…need I say more?

Best place for a first date: Friday night High School football game or All-You-Can-Eat Seafood Buffet Night at Shoney’s?  The shrimp scampi at Shoney’s is to die for.

Ropin’ the Wind or No Fences? No Fences, next…

What kind of critter makes the best cowboy boot? Opossum

Any advice for the ladies who would like to, you know, get backstage? Backstage Betty’s preferred wearing boots, daisy dukes and double-fisting Budweiser’s.

What does Dickey Do that The Don’ts won’t? Play any of that pansy-ass Rascal Flatts, Sugarland, or T. Swizzle.


Q & A with Rocket Natey Nate

Now that y’all’s drummer, Austin Marshall, is a Nashville bigshot, does he ever get too big for his britches and act like a diva? He is usually down to earth, although sometimes resembling the Snickers commercials. He’s a great drummer and good with the girls.

Do y’all have any plans to play Texas-themed music for the Longhorns who’ll be visiting us this weekend? Is it true that everything’s bigger in Texas? We are gonna pull out all the stops and put on a stellar show that will please the Texas fans and Ole Miss fans alike. Best advice I can give to anyone is get out your hats and boots, get in party mode, and do not miss this show. Bigger in Texas? You ain’t seen nothing yet.

What’s the wildest thing you’ve seen at one of your shows? Well, there was that one time when Sammy Kershaw made out with the prom queen backstage before the show, but I can’t reveal any details. Come see us Friday at Proud Larrys’ and you won’t be disappointed. Get your tickets early though at proudlarrys.com, because it’s likely to sell out.

The Werks: Werkin' It Out Onstage at Proud Larrys' WED 9/26
Art2Frame Grand Opening FRI 9/14 - New Local Art Gallery & Custom Framing Shop

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