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Mississippi Flag Commission Narrows New Flag Choices to Five


The commission to select a new Mississippi flag narrowed the list of possible state flags from eight to five on Tuesday, August 18.

The remaining five designs will be put on fabric, and the commission is now asking for input from Mississippians to determine the final option that will be placed before voters on the November 3 ballot. The Mississippi Department of Archives & History is hosting an online vote to gauge interest in the remaining flags.

So far, online voting indicates that the “The Great River Flag” is receiving the most votes, by a 2-to-1 margin. Other designs feature a Magnolia flower at the center with panels down each side and a blue flag that has a Magnolia tree in the center. All of the flags must show the words “In God We Trust” on the flag due to legislation passed by Mississippi’s congress.

On September 2, the commission will gather again to choose the final design.

The final design will be placed on the ballot for registered Mississippi voters on November 3. If enough votes are cast to approve the final design, it will become Mississippi’s new flag. If voters reject the flag, the commission will have to come up with a new design next year.

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