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Meaningless Clichés in the Relationships

Meaningless Clichés in the Relationships

Youngblood pulsates through the body, and the world seems to be so simple to you, and the phrases from movies are real new commandments. Of course, any of us know that an abuse of stereotypes does not lead to anything good, and any relationship cliches distance you from reality. Often, people ruthlessly deceive their expectations, relying on some relationship cliches. However, there is no conventional wisdom in the relationship. Any relationship does not stand up to any logic, you will hardly be able to predict it, and you should not expect anything definite. Humanity is organized in this way that people like to complicate things and develop their relationships chaotically.

For that reason, it is better not to pay attention to the clichés, concerning love. Yes, you might like all the points in the relationship clichés list because they are much easier to live with, everything becomes clearer. However, they, as a rule, distract you from the girls and bring an unhealthy degree of uncertainty in life that has not brought happiness to anyone. So, there is  a relationship clichés list from online dating site  that you shouldn’t let in your life.

  •    If you love her, let her go.

Human beings are not domestic dogs. If you let your girl go, do not expect that she will return to you and will sit by your door, begging to let her go back. In most cases, no one will return, and if you break up with her, then this is forever. Yes, there are exceptions. Exceptions that confirm the rules. However, sometimes, it is better to break up for better mental health, but this is a completely different story.

  •    When you have fallen in love, you just know that.

The experience of many guys confirms that this cliche is a very traumatic thing because you understand that you are in love exactly until you rethink the whole nature of your relationship. It comes the moment when you open your eyes to the truth. And, after all, you might be 40-50 years old at this moment, and now you are indignant that you have spent your entire life with someone you have never understood. In general, the whole process of courtship in the European style causes a lot of stress, which distorts your perception of the woman and her virtues.

  •    You will find your love when you stop searching.

Will you find the lost car keys, purse, cat if you stop looking for them? Maybe you are a very special man, but, usually, if you do not make any effort, you do not have anything. Looking for a good girl is a difficult task, something that sounds like a fighting of a bullfighter with a bull. If you sit with a piece of pizza the whole day, playing in Fallout 4, then nothing will happen.

  •    A woman should not apologize.

The world has changed since the time when a man was responsible for everything, including a woman. That has happened because there is some kind of equality. Yes, you can forgive your girl for eating your piece of cake, but if there is something strange (like cheating), then the apology from the girl is a normal thing. If this does not happen, then it’s time to think.

  •    You always want something that you do not have.

A dangerous psychological attitude with which many people will agree. However, think about it a little differently. If you want something, then you are missing that. For this reason, it is interesting to look at the evolution of your life with a girl. You know that if a child, opening New Year’s gifts, finds a pack of socks, he will, in most cases, become upset because he has already many socks. Therefore, you should not justify the dull relationship by the fact that it will not be possible to please yourself anyway. You should satisfy your needs for novelty, only in this way you can achieve a good level of mutual understanding with a girl.

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