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Local Restaurants Winners: The Local Voice’s Townies Awards, 2016






1. Rice & Spice

2. Noodle Bowl

3. Toyo

HM: Kabuki, Pick Thai, H20, Jinsei, China Royal, Chow King, Ming’s Kitchen


1. Bottletree Bakery

2. Lusa

3. Honey Bee

HM: Kelli’s, Sweet T’s, Insomnia Cookies, Panera Bread, Kroger


1. Handy Andy

2. Rib Cage

3. B’s BBQ

HM: Lamar Lounge, My Guys, Rebel Barn, Blind Pig, Rivals, Ajax, Round Table


1. Handy Andy

2. Lamar Lounge

3. Proud Larrys

HM: Ajax, Bim Bam Burgers, Philip’s Grocery, Boure, Blind Pig, Locals, Delta Steak Company, Frank & Marlee’s, Rafters, Snackbar


1. Big Bad Breakfast

2. Beacon

3. Bottletree Bakery

HM: Embers / My Guys, Huddle House, Honey Bee, Ravine, Lusa, McDonald’s, Lindsey’s Chevron, Mama Jos, Oxford Canteen, Starbucks


1. China Royal

2. Chow King

3. My Michelle

HM: El Mariachi, Cash Saver, South Depot


1. Gus’s Fried Chicken

2. Abner’s

3. Popeye’s

HM: Zaxby’s, Mama Jo’s, Ajax, City Grocery, Four Corners Chevron “Chicken on a Stick”, Oby’s, Lamar Lounge


1. High Point Coffee

2. Cups

3. Starbucks

HM: Bottletree, Big Bad Breakfast,


1. Landshark Delivery

2. Domino’s

3. Coop de Ville

HM: Jimmy John’s, Insomnia Cookies, Papa John’s, Bim Bam Burgers, Pita Pit, Maharaja, Pizza Hut, El Milagro


1. Dwayne Ingraham

2. Ya Ya’s

3. Insomnia Cookies

HM: Holli’s Sweet Tooth, Ajax, Kelli’s Cakes, McEwen’s, Ravine, Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, Bottletree Bakery, Lusa, Delta Steak Company, Sonic, Volta

Drive Thru

1. Embers / My Guys

2. Sonic

3. Chick fil a

HM: Taco Bell, Panera Bread, Wendy’s, Zaxby’s, McDonald’s, Abner’s, Rebel Barn, Brittany Store, Starbucks

Food Truck / Pop Up

1. YoknapaTaco

2. Afrissippi

3. Canteen

HM: Big Bad Pop Up, Hot dog guy, Saint Leo


1. Snack Bar

2. Lamar Lounge

3. Proud Larrys

HM: Ajax, Boure, Handy Andy, City Grocery, Chick-fil-a, Frank & Marlee’s, Philip’s Grocery, Coop DeVille, Volta

Late Night Food

1. Chicken on a Stick at Four Corners Chevron

2. Funkys

3. Coop DeVille

HM: Taco bell, YaknopaTaco, Insomnia Cookies, Sqaure Pizza, Krystal, Pita Pit, Downstairs Bar/Grilled Cheese, Sonic, Dominoe’s, Karma

Mexican Restaurant

1. *TIE* El Milagro, Tequila’s

2. Casa Mexicana

3. Papitos

HM: Taco Shop, South Depot, El Mariachi, El Mundo Latino, Salsarita’s


1. Soulshine

2. Funkys

3. 6 ‘n Tubbs

HM: Proud Larrys, Square Pizza, Old Venice, Domino’s, Papa John’s, Pizza Den, Pizza Hut, TriBecca Allie, Volta


1. Newk’s

2. Proud Larrys

3. Volta

HM: Boure, Ajax, Greenline, Oby’s, Old Venice


1. Old Venice

2. Proud Larry’s

3. Boure

HM: Lenora’s, Ravine, Locals, Bacchus, Canteen, Chili’s, Delta Steak Company, Noodle Bowl, Pizza Den, Snackbar


1. Newk’s

2. Blind Pig

3. Oxford Canteen

HM: Oby’s, Ajax, Macalister’s, Pizza Den, Bottletree, Firehouse Subs, Second Line

Soul Food

1. Ajax

2. Mama Jo’s

3. Cash Saver

HM: Gus’s, Afrissippi, Second Line, Soulshine, Taylor Grocery


1. Ajax

2. Volta

3. Living foods

HM: Rice & Spice, Maharaja, Greenline, Proud Larrys, Oxford Canteen, Pick Thai

Place for a First Date

1. Ajax

2. Boure

3. Snackbar

HM: Wine Bar, Cups, McEwen’s, Ravine, South Depot

Seafood / Catfish

1. Taylor Grocery

2. Ajax

3. Snackbar

HM: Boure, Oby’s, Rafters, Bacchus, Boneheads, Lamar Lounge, Second Line


1. Smoothie king

2. Living Foods

3. Ya ya’s

HM: High Point


1. Grillehouse

2. Delta Steak Company

3. Char Grill

HM: Boure, Snackbar, Ajax, Como Sreakhouse, Locals, Mesquite Chop House, Second Line, Taylor Grocery, Wine Bar

Local Restaurant

1. Proud Larrys

2. Rib Cage

3. Boure

HM: Ajax, Snackbar, Funkys, Volta, South Depot, Handy Andy, Blind Pig, Oxford Canteen, City Grocery, Lamar Lounge, ravine, Wine Bar, Big Bad Breakfast, Delta Steak Company, Frank & Marlee’s


1. Jinsei

2. Toyo

3. Kabuki

HM: Noodle Bowl, Kroger, Two Stick


1. Buffalo Wild Wings

2. Coop Deville

3. Wing Stop

HM: Frank & Marlee’s, Levee, Jinsei, Rooster’s


1. Taylor Grocery

2. Main Event

3. My Michelle’s

HM: A&N Catering, Chick-fil-a, Rib Cage, Volta, Party Waitin to Happen, Newk’s, South Depot, Queenissippi

Fine Dining

1. Snack Bar

2. Ravine

3. Oxford Grillehouse

HM: City Grocery, Boure, Wine Bar, Lenora’s, McEwen’s, Ajax

Favorite Local Chef

1. John Currence (City Grocery Group)

2. Vishwesh Bhatt (Snackbar)

3. Corbin Evans (Oxford Canteen)

HM: John Myric (Proud Larrys), Erika Lipe, Allen Sanders (Delta Steak Co.), Joe Craven (Frank & Marlee’s), John Burge (Wine Bar), Jon Davis (The Graduate), Rus Green, Dwayne Ingraham (City Grocery), Joel Miller (Ravine), Kelly English (Second Line), Nick Husbands (Ajax Diner)


1. Bruce Butler (Proud Larrys)

2. Kendra Taylor (Wine Bar)

3. Kaleigh Mcalister-Furlow

HM: Toby Douglas (Lamar Lounge), Griffin hall (Funkys), Jan Tranum (Ajax), Joe Humphries (Soulshine), Kelsey Koos


1. Morgan Pennington (High Point Coffee)

2. Vera P. (High Point Coffee)

3. Darby Sims (Cups)

HM: Allyson Cartwright (The Wine Bar), Chase Caldwell (High Point Coffee), Presley Wright (High Point Coffee), Alex Thiel (Cups)

Wine List

1. Wine Bar

2. City Grocery

3. Snackbar

HM: Lenora’s, Boure, Ravine

Busser / Dishwasher

1. Freddy Foster (Proud Larrys)

2. Michael Carter

3. Mike Smith “Tiptoe”

HM: Griffin Hall

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"Local Faves" Winners: The Local Voice's Townies Awards, 2016
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