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Published on August 25th, 2016 | by Brittain Thompson


Local Musician Spotlight: Curtis Lehr

DSC_2170 copyCurrent Project(s): Argiflex

Where are you from? Cleveland, Mississippi

Your music Style/Genre: Live experimental neo-rave. Acid/techno/trance/breakz/IDM/noize

What is your preferred approach to making sounds?

Using only vintage electronic music hardware, I sequence up to 16 MIDI parts in each pattern with my sequencer to trigger all my MIDI gear with self-made presets designed to be as expressive and diverse sounding as possible. The patterns and their combinations form songs that I string together for live shows. I basically bring a vintage techno studio with me and perform with that!

Early music experience: Piano and Classical guitar lessons when I was young. I found techno internet radio when I was 6. Ishkur’s Guide was extremely formative in my music taste.

14012288_10157254908290621_855614635_nWhy did you start playing? Why let people with guitars have all the glory?

What are some of your favorite bands? Aphex Twin, GFOTY, Meat Beat Manifesto, DJ Hixxy, Lily, & Vektroid.

Most memorable person you’ve jammed with: I once performed in an experimental improvisational jam concert with 14 musicians that was put together by Daniel Guaqueta

Do you have a “day job”? If so, where? I volunteer at a local thrift store. I also freelance wherever I can in fields such as audio engineering, graphic design, and web design. I also record people at my home studio W210 LABS!

Aspirations: Provide myself a comfortable living through music: help me reach my aspiration! <3

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