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Local Artist Lowdown: Hailey Hodge


Artistic Style: I primarily work with serigraphic and digital glitch software for my work. My work could be considered part of the vaporwave aesthetic. Serigraphy (screenprinting) is a matrix where I burn an image into a mesh screen using a light sensitive emulsion. I then can push ink through the screen where the image is washed out to create my prints. My work uses the CMYK process, so that’s thousands of tiny halftone dots and 4 layers of ink that create the photographic image. My images are made using the glitch, which is using digital and analog errors for aesthetic purposes by corrupting the data of the original image.

Hometown: Sumter, South Carolina, but I finally just got a Mississippi drivers license and tag, so I guess here is now my hometown!

How long have you lived in Oxford? 2 ½ years.

Early art experience: I’ve been making art since before I can remember. My mother is an artist and always had me drawing and painting from a very young age. It only became serious to me when I started college.

Favorite visual artists: Jason Munn, David Wolske, Katushika Hokusai, Chip Kidd, Robert Rauschenberg, Tom Huck, Roy Lichtenstein, Crystal Wagner.

Art school? I have my BS in Business Administration and Marketing and a BFA in Studio Art Printmaking from Converse College. I’m currently an MFA candidate in Studio Art Printmaking at The University of Mississippi. My thesis exhibition will be April 17-21 of this year!

Favorite book or author: My favorite book growing up was The Hobbit by Tolkien, but recently I’ve been really fascinated with Neil Gaiman and his short stories.

Favorite quotation: “Making art is dangerous and revealing. Making art precipitates self-doubt, stirring deep waters that lay between what you know you should be, and what you fear you might be.” – David Bayles & Ted Orland. Scary truth for me to hear. This new work is definitely showing me some fears, and it’s been good to get past them and put them out into the work. It’s making it better I think.

Do you work out of a studio? I do. The university provides me with a studio space in Meek Hall, 124 A. Come say hi!

How many hours to you spend in your studio each day? I try to spend 6 hours minimum in the studio a day. Not all art happens in the studio, so I try to find a good balance with my time and energy.

Most productive hours? Afternoon and nighttime. Some of the biggest ideas and changes I’ve made to my work have happened in the wee hours of the morning.

Favorite project you’ve completed: The work I’m making now is by far my favorite. These prints on fiberglass have been my biggest challenge, but are by far the most rewarding.

Three ideas you want to explore in art: Memory, destruction, & beauty.

Where can we see some of your art on display? or follow me on Instagram @artisthaileyhodge. I will have a solo show at the Misbits: A New Media Art Space from February 28-March 21. The show will be interactive and over the month viewers can participate to alter the work to create a new work together. The gallery is located at The Edison on University Avenue and the Reception will be February 28th from 6-8, during the Art Crawl. My Thesis exhibition will be held at Gallery 130 on April 17-21 and the reception for that show will be on April 20 from 5-7 pm.

Do you have a “day job”? If so, where? Yes and no. I’m a Graduate Assistant for the University and a teaching assistant for the printmaking classes. I do freelance graphic design, business cards, poster design, and wedding invitations on the side.

Favorite music/bands: I’m currently listening to a lot of classical. My favorite composer is Yiruma. Sufjan Stevens has always been my favorite artist. I listen to a lot more podcasts now than music though. Radiolab and Freakonomics is my favorite!

What are some of your other hobbies? I love the fiber arts. I’m a knitter and a crocheter and I’m working on learning how to weave and spin.

Where do you hang out in Oxford? I’m usually at the studio or home with my cat, but I can sometimes be seen having a bourbon at City Grocery or seeing a local show at Proud Larry’s.

Aspirations: To have the luxury to make art every day. It’s so easy to while I’m in school, so I’m hoping that I can find a job after that allows me to do what I love every day. 

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